K-5 Needle Gun

Silenced assassin's Pistol

weapon (ranged)

These weapons are approximately 10" in length and made from a lightweight sturdy material known as Plast-Steel by the dwarves who are the only ones who can manufacture it. Dissimilar to its name the weapon does not fire projectiles of any kind. These guns supercharge a short burst of light and fragments it with a specialized diamond lens towards a target inflicting hundreds of piercing like wounds. These weapons are especially effective versus armoured “living” targets, but can inflict significant damage to non-living targets as well.

- Plast-Steel Needle Pistol (1D6-E, ROF-6(FA), CRIT-(18-20)x2, Range-30FT, ENC-1/10, BCR-(5)

- Plast-Steel – Grants (2) Bonus to hit and damage per shot.
- Pistol – May fire weapon in HtH combat without attacks of opportunity!
- Clips/E-Cells (24) – Reloading this weapon does not cause attacks of opportunity! Clip size is (N).
- Hi Tech Armour Piercing – If (2X) weapon damage exceeds DRR of target, the target does not receive its DRR against the attack.
- E-Weapon – These weapons inflict energy damage. A target may use their most protective energy field(Not granted by magic!) to reduce damage as well as any armour. A fumble results in a venting of heat/energy which does not injure user, but removes all guns remaining power. This will usually cause a BCR check as well for the weapon!
- Silenced – This weapon may be used with the “Sniper” feat!
- Full Auto(FA) – Roll attacks normally and add together all damage for each attack from this weapon during the round, then deduct armour and energy resistances once if not pierced!
- Solar Powered (1) – Recharges (N) rounds in sunlight per hour.


These weapons have been uncovered by dwarven scientists and replicated on a limited scale. Though the materials can be replicated and retooled for other purposes the dwarves have found this material fairly ineffective as it is vulnerable to temperatures higher than 90 degrees Celsius.

Dwarves believe the material was built to survive extreme conditions including the vacuum of space, but unfortunately the material cannot seem to cope with atmospheric heat above the 90 degree marker. Since the dwarves understanding of this material is limited, a solution to this problem is unavailable. The dwarves often work near lava flows with temperatures easily exceeding this limit so dwarves find using this material for any purpose risky at best…

The major difference between this weapon and a standard laser pistol is the diamond lens used to focus the beam. This diamond lens on this laser is cut to a precision that the dwarves cannot yet duplicate with their technology. The dwarves have theories as to how this is done, but as of yet this weapon can only be created if a similar weapon is recovered, deconstructed, and rebuilt… Thusly, it is rarely seen on the battlefield except by very prominent Mountain Dwarf engineers…

Still, dwarves have found this material to be useful for ranged weapons such as the Content Not Found: a-10-shotgun_, Z-7 Laser Pistol, Content Not Found: r-13-incinerator_, Content Not Found: ak-3-rangemaster-rifle_, Content Not Found: x-4-narco-jet-gun_, Content Not Found: ak-47-rifle, and the Content Not Found: k-9mm-gun. Dwarves have even considered using it for melee weaponry, but have found its light weight impractical for such a purpose… Although…

K-5 Needle Gun

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