Hogni's Silver Ring

Gift Ring from Hogni (Westerly Winds)


This small ring has 3 round rubies embedded in it. The ring itself is made of silver and has been crafted by a skilled artisian. The ring itself has no other markings. Hogni says, "Aye it is a very old ring and d’nay its original purpose. But I supose you’d ave a greater need then me. It has been with my famliy at least 2 generations and I do believe its creater was a dwarf named “Blaine Stoneworks” though that be a rumor I think."

- Light Luck Bonus – (1) Luck while worn
- Armoured (DR-1) – Increases Damage Resistance of your Armour Rating by (N). This is treated as an additional point of armour for wearer for piercing purposes.
- ???


Hogni's Silver Ring

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