Goblin Giz's Staff

Evil Goblin Short Staff


The staff is approximately 3’ tall and is constructed outta a darker colored wood known as Content Not Found: mire-Wood for its blackened appearance. It smells faintly of decaying wood and always has a slick coating of grime on it. It’s vileness can be felt by touch and those that would use such an item have no “good” purpose in mind for it. There is a skull at the top of the staff which most of you assume to be a rat with a singular feather sticking out of it.

Mire Wood Short Staff (1D6-B, CRIT-(20)x2, ENC-1, BCR-(6))

- Alignment – Evil (1) (Means this item requires (N) “Evil Feats” to be used! See DM!)
- Magic (0) (Means this weapon may be able to bypass certain creatures DR if they are vulnerable to Magic (N) weapons) The (N) bonus is added to “To Hit” and “Damage” rolls made by a player!
- Evil Focus – Evil Spells cast with this staff are at (1) caster level.
- Negative Energy 1 – Any successful strike with this staff inflicts 1 damage due to negative energy.


Goblin Giz's Staff

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