Fizban's best

Strange Oily Lubricant Pop


A magical imbible oil with a sickly grey color and carbonated foam being released from the can as its opened. It is a tasty and refreshing liquid despite its strange appearance! It seems to have a very beneficial effect on machinery and equipment.

Benefits to Living Imbider – 1D8+5 temporary HP to imbider for the entire day or until lost!
Benefits to Construct – Restores 2D8+10 HP or reduces Engineering check penalty for uses by 1 per dose administered after combat. The oil must be adminstered before roll is made!


Fizban’s best is a strange oily substance created by an engineer named Fizban… He was an accomplished member of the Gearworks guild and as a gnome is now over 200 years old. Fizban has had many great creations over time… The most notable is of them are the “Fizzban Sharpening Stone Sharpener” and the “Fizzban Child Safe Two Handed Sword”. These creations were among the best but sadly not the only…

Fizban’s best however was an accident as he was trying to find a lubricant for his sharpener without it being toxic… It worked well…

Fizban's best

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