Elven Bow

Elvish Redwood Longbow

weapon (ranged)

Elven Bows vary in size and shape, but all are artistic creations from the elves often allowing an archer to fire arrows with far more accuracy. Most of these bows measure five feet in length and use wooven silk bow strings.

- Elvish Redwood Longbow
(1D10-P, CRIT-(20)x3, Range-150FT, ENC-1, BCR-(4)

- Redwood – Bow is granted a non-magical (2) bonus to hit, damage, and BCR checks. In addition, it grants “accurate”, “composite”, and “durable” benefits.
- Accurate – (50%) boost to “Range” increment already taken into account above.
- Composite – Bow allows user to use his strength modifier in damage rolls.
- Durable – May reroll a failed BCR check once per session.


Elven Bows are the most sought after bows within the realm. Made from a material harvested deep within their realms, “Redwood” is the only shapeable wood in the world (Though only the elves can do it!). These bows are the most accurate, strong, and durable allowing one to use his strength as if it were a composite bow.

The only bows that can even compare to elvish ones are dragon bone bows which are made through special magical means as dragon bones do not yield, but fracture under tremendous strength. However, dragon-bone-bows were only made during the second age and their construction process has been lost. Now only a few remain, scattered throughout a few realms while elven bows can be found anywhere and in much larger quantities.

Archery is considered an art form for elves who often compete against one another to seek mastery from old masters. If a master is to be found for this skill, it will be found in the elven empires where the talent is abundant!

Elven Bow

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