Dueling Pistol

Gunpowder Pistol

weapon (ranged)

These weapons are approximately 1’ in length and made from finely crafted materials. The design work is especially artistic for these weapons though not as prestigous as a sword! Guns are especially effective versus armoured “living” targets, but are far less effective against “non-living” opponents.

- Iron Pistol (1D10-P, CRIT-(20)x3, Range-20FT, ENC-1, BCR-(5)

- Masterwork Weapon – Grants (1) to “hit” Stacks with magic! and (1) to BCR checks.
- Balanced – Grants Two-Weapon Fighting feat to wielder! They are treated as a Light weapons for two weapon penalties.
- Pistol – May fire weapon in HtH combat without attacks of opportunity.
- Chamber/Breach – Reloading will cause an attack of opportunity!
- Armour Piercing – If weapon damage exceeds DRR of target, the target does not recieve its DRR against the attack.
- Gunpowder Weapon – A fumble results in a misfire, inflicting damage to user as if shot himself. This will usually cause a BCR check as well for the weapon!
- Variants – There are several variants to this weapon including repeater types!


These are the weapons of nobility. Dueling pistols have existed throughout every empire since the 2nd age. The largest manufacturers of these weapons were the dwarves until the fourth age ended over 1,ooo years ago when most dwarven settlements disapeared seemingly overnight. Since then, the only manufacturers of these weapons were the gnomes and a handful of human master smiths.

Dueling Pistol

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