Dueling Blade

Dueling Sword

weapon (melee)

These blades are nearly 4 feet long and are of masterwork craftsmanship. These blades have artistic work around the guard showing either the manufacturer’s brand or nobility house they origninate from. The designs are always artistic. The blade itself is unusual in that it has been shaped for piercing attacks instead of slashing attacks making it more effective versus armoured “living” targets, but less effective against “non-living” opponents.

Iron Longsword {1D8-P, CRIT-(19-20)x2, ENC-1, BCR-(5)}

- Masterwork Weapon – Grants (1) to “hit” Stacks with magic! and (1) to BCR checks.
- Finesse Weapon (Swords) – This weapon is a finesse weapon. See special rulez and PHB 102.
- Balanced – Grants Two-Weapon Fighting feat to wielder. Treated as a Light weapon for two weapon penalties.
- Dueling – Changes damage from Slashing to Piercing.
- Item of Nobility – Merchants, Nobility, & Lords tend to respect someone using such items. The item must have been used by the character in his most recent encounter where he/she was endangered. This effect is cumalative with other items of nobility, but NOT with the same class of items (i.e. weapon, armour, shield, ect…)

Nobility chart

1 – Baron – Merchant special Offers (5% Chance per Character Level!)
2 – Viscount – Baron Benefits & (1 Rank of Barter per Character Level)
3 – Earl – Viscount Benfits & ALL Merchants are considered “Friendly” with hero. All checks are at (2 + Charisma) bonus with a minimum of 2 if charisma is negative for merchants and other nobility.
4 – Marques – Earl Benefits & Hero may demand an item for his expedition equal to (Character Level x 20) Gold Pieces at no charge!
5 – Duke – Marques Benfits & ALL Lords are considered “Friendly” with hero… Even the ones that try to kill you! All checks are at (2 + Charisma) bonus with a minimum of 2 if charisma is negative for Lords! Lords may offer special offers. (5% Chance per character level!)


These are the weapons of nobility. Dueling swords have existed throughout every empire since the 2nd age. The largest manufacturers of these weapons were the dwarves until the fourth age ended over 1,ooo years ago when most dwarven settlements disapeared seemingly overnight. Since then, the only manufacturers of these blades were the elves and a handful of human master smiths. They are often carried as a symbol of nobility.

Dueling Blade

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