Constructed in “Eleven Steel”, this set of chainmail is finely crafted to protect its user from the sharpest blades. It gleams in the sun and one can almost see his reflection off this set of armour. Although it appears new, Lyne Trebuchet explains it was her father’s armour several centuries ago.

- Master Worked Steel Chain Mail Armour -

- Steel medium armour
- 6 DR (Steel)
- 2 Max Dexterity Bonus
– 3 Armour check Penalty
– 30% Arcane Failure
– 1 Enc
– (3) BCR


- Danger Sense – Armour alerts user to an impending ambush (10) bonus to listen checks and negates penalties to wearing a helm.

- Reflective – Magical and technological Rays have a 25% Miss Chance and have a 5% chance of reflecting back to the source of ray.

- Lightweight – Encumbrance reduced by 50% and armour check penalty is reduced by 2.


This armour has been owned by Trebuchet family for centuries always falling to the eldest child in the family. The armour was said to have been constructed during the third age. It has been maintained well over the centuries and continues to serve its wearer well even to this day. This belies its craftsmenship as a set of “Elven Steel”.


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