Cube of Technomancy

Tecnomancy Cube


Forged entirely out of Electrum, the puzzle is coated with strange markings that are moveable, interchangeable, and alterable… Each piece moves and sometimes can move differently when another symbol has shifted making this a true puzzle to anyone…

Electrum Cube – Hand Item – 1/10 Enc

To use a known affect the Individual must make an Engineering check vs. the DC. Performing this effect is always a standard action… All effects are “cast” at users Level as a spell caster of equal level… These effects are not considered “magical” effects and therefore are immune to any magical cancelling effect… In other words… “Technomancy”

Any failed checks halt further use of the ability for 24hrs…

Known Effects
1 – (DC-15) – Shatter (PHB-Pg 278) Duration-Instant
2 – (DC-20) – Fly (PHB-Pg 232) Duration-1 Min/Level
3 – (DC-20) – Telekinesis (PHB-Pg 292) Duration-1 Rnd/Level
4 – (DC-25) – Lightning Bolt (PHB-Pg 248) Duration-Instant
5 – (DC-25) – Transmute Concrete to Mud {See Transmute Rock to Mud} (PHB-Pg 295) Duration-Permanent
6 – (DC-25) – Teleport Greater (PHB-Pg 293) Duration-Instant


Forged entirely out of Electrum this cube harbors incredible and seemingly inexhaustible powers only limited by the user himself. The details on the cube are the only way to activate it and its powers revolve around engineering. This enigmatic puzzle piece seems to be layered in secrets and divulges its powers only to those daring enough to “Attempt” to solve it…

The markings bear no immediate correlation with any known language, religious meaning, or arcanum as of yet observed. The shapes and symbols may even be a language in and of themselves to be deciphered, but without a codex or starting reference such an analysis is impossible…

The creator of this device must have been either a genius or a certified wacko… With no deliberate pattern the only hope to access its power is to experiment with it directly… However, with its sheer amount of power and diverse powers it is a true relic of immense power.

Can its true power be harnessed?

Cube of Technomancy

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