Chalice of Pride

Holy Chalice of the Church of Twilight


This chalice measures 24" in height and though not seemingly balanced on both ends both ends have the exact same mass. The objects center of gravity is at its center despite the shape meaning the mass of the smaller 3" diameter bottom is greater than the 6" diameter topside. The relic appears to be fashioned from silver, but metallurgy tests indicate it is not. This chalice radiates and gathers tremendous amounts of magical energy even while not in use. This effect is compounded when it is located within a holy site.

Holy/Unholy Chalice

If 10 doses of holy water are used you may perform the following on a single target:
- Raise dead
- Lesser restoration
- Cure Poison
- Cure Disease
- Recover Serious Injury
- Identify- 1 non-hidden Ability

If 10 doses of “Silvered” holy water are used it may do the following to a single target:
- Restoration
- Remove Curse as at users Level (2x Cleric Level)
- Heal (100 HP)
- Resurrect
- Recover all serious injuries
- Legend Lore- All non-hidden abilities are revealed

In the hands of an evil cleric these powers are reversed(Except Identify and Legend Lore)!


The chalice was found in the ruins that were here before the city was constructed over nearly 100 years ago. It was revealed by a ray of light through the debris to a holy cleric of Pelor. This was obviously an omen from Pelor and thusly the church decided to keep the relic as their chalice…

Most historians believed this relic was created during the 3rd Age as it is a powerful relic within the Unaligned Lands, however some historians believe this relic is older and far more powerful than anything from that time… Suggesting of course it is a relic of the Golden Age. If it is true than this relic is indeed something to guard at all costs for should it fall into the wrong hands…

The symbols molded onto the surface of this chalice indicate great struggle for the soul of a person and indeed its very name “Chalice of Pride” suggests the user should weigh his actions very carefully while using this relic…

Chalice of Pride

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