Relic Call Blade

The Relic Call Blade

weapon (melee)

This articulate and beautiful sword is crafted from the Blue Iron into its hardest form known as blue steel. The edges of the blade seem decorated with a silver lining giving it 6 actual cutting edges. The silver edges themselves seem harder than steel and though the blade seems broader and heavier then a typical long sword it is fairly light considering its size.

Silvered Imperial Blue Steel Long Sword (2D6-S, CRIT-(19-20)-x3, ENC-1, BCR-(2))
- Masterwork Weapon – Grants (1) to “hit” Stacks with magic! and (1) to BCR checks.
- Steel – (Grants (+2) non-magical bonus to hit and damage and a (1) bonus to BCR checks already included in stats above.
- Silver – All hits cause critical threat to Undead and silver vulnerable creatures. Weapon has (-1) penalty to BCR checks already included in stats above.
- Capacitor-(20) – This item has the capacity for 20 charges and can be recharged or discharged at will.
- Electric Gyrostabilizer – Requires 1 Charge – Duration 1 Day – Damage increases (1D6) and all damage becomes electric damage. New Stats (3D6-Electric, Crit-(18-20)-x4)
- Lightning Discharge – Requires 2 Charges – 10D6 Lightning damage at DC-30 Reflex. Range – 1000FT.
- Arch Shield – Requires 2 Charges – Creates a powerful electromagnetic field around target within 30FT providing him 50% Miss Chance for 1D6 Turns (The field is easy to avoid!). The field may be spread over a area of 50FT dome or less after 1 full round occurs. The field once placed prevents normal movement through it and provides cover as above. The Field can be disrupted if it sustains 100 Damage or more on roll of BCR versus (4).
- ?


The 3rd cataclysm resulted in a major climate shift transforming the climate of the world from a rich and fertile world to a dry and barren wasteland with only a few safe havens for life. The cataclsym was thought to have been started by a vile and evil Necromancer who opened portals directly to the 3rd plane of Hell where plumes of smoke filled the sky and blotted out the sun.

It is believed a great hero known as Content Not Found: Wind-of-the-East led an army of every race against the necromancer and his host of demons and undead. The two armies fought a vicious battle until the Necromancer and the hero stood at the summit of the fighting. The two clashed with all their forces in a tidal wave of destuction which some say the world felt.

Not much is known of the battle itself or the forces unleashed by both these great and terrible forces, but it is known this weapon cut through the Necromancer at the end and the hero laid mortally wounded and cursed to an eternal afterlife. He ushered his remaining forces to bury him alive in the depths near the great mountain pass where the fighting took place…

Relic Call Blade

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