Bullet Armour

Armour Made from the Hide of a Bullet


Constructed by a new tanning method developed by Holme Acrat, Bullet Armour is especially tough and resilient… And heavy, what’s the deal its like rock or something! It is interesting color of red and although excessively heavy it protects the user like nothing you have ever seen.

- Special Hide Armour -

- Medium armour
- 5 DR
- 0 Dexterity Bonus
Armour check Pen 6
Arcane Failure 40%
- Movement Decreased by 5
Enc 3
BCR (2)

- Toughened – Toughened armour gets to double its DR value for determining whether it can be pierced by armour piercing attacks. (Note – this does not double its DRR for damage reduction however!)


Bullet Armour

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