Belt of The Northern Wind

Dragon Brooched Belt


This belt has a decorative gilden gold dragon as the clasp. It is an emaculate depiction of a gold dragon despite the Dragonborn’s silver dragon origin. The entire belt is studded with various steel rivets and bracers for protection against the elements and swords as the case may be.

Dragon Brooched Belt – Belt Slot

Tiamat Restriction – These bonuses may only be applied against a tiamat follower!

- Auto Detect follower(Tiamat-30FT) – Constantly casts Detects followers of (N).
- Enhanced Battle Abilty (2) – Means this item may add (N) bonus to “To Hit”, “Damage” rolls, “skill checks”, and “saving throws” made by a player!
- Armoured (DR-2) – Increases Damage Resistance of your Armour Rating by (N). This is treated as an additional point of armour for wearer for piercing purposes.


The “Northern Wind” is a reknowned dragonborn of legendary fighting prowess. He has bled, fought, and lead armies through a dozen wars and hundreds of battles. He lived through the battle of Grell’s Burning Wastes where Chancellor Dimitre was slain by the now reigning Grand High Chancellor of Vecna. Though he considered this battle a major defeat he engaged and slew 3 fire chameleon Draconians simultaneously during the battle (A feat not even Dimitre could have achieved!).

Easily being the most capable fighting commander he declined the position for Grand High Bishop underneath Vale Starwind. He did not give his reason for declining and though some occasionally question him about this he has answered them with silence…

Belt of The Northern Wind

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