Orcish Axe of Grumish

Massive Bone Axe

weapon (melee)

The axe head is made of of slab of bone from a creature that was very large. The shear size of the weapon makes one believe that it is completely unwieldable, but it is surprisingly light for its size. However, it is massive and only those with orcish strength seem able to wield it efficiently. The axe head measures five feet in length and four feet in width with the handle also being made from a seperate piece of the same material measuring in at seven feet.

Composite Bone Massive Axe (1D20-S/B, (20)x3 CRIT, 4 ENC)

- Massive – Requires “Massive Weapons” feat to use.
- Familiar Weapon {Orcish} – Weapon is treated as a large weapon instead of massive one.


These orcish weapons are uncommon within the Orc tribes to the north. But, some tribes to the east use them as their primary choice of weapon! These weapons are carved from the bones of a certain beast though only shamans know where they originate from. Interogation and torture to reveal this secret have not only failed to reveal the creature, but often end with the shaman ending his own life with those around him in magical detonation known as “Ead Bangin”.

The danger of this attack has caused the search for this knowledge to cease…. At least for the current time being. These axes were first seen in the fourth age and although the style and craftsmenship of the weapons has changed over the years, the effectiveness and danger these weapons represent to a well armoured force remains…

The orcish tribes to the east often respect power and strength and these axes display both in ample quantities.

Orcish Axe of Grumish

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