Amulet of the Gilded King

Relic of Midas Necklace with Golden Chain


The amulet is a solid gold chunk shaved and polshed and magically suspended within a smithed decorative gold cage. It is a work of art combined with true marvel of craftsmenship. Its value is possibly only surpassed by the magicks that are sealed within this great object. This particular relic has great significance to the Gold College within the Dragon Empire.

Relic of Midas Necklace with Golden Chain – Neck Slot Item

- Transmute to Gold – Transmutes touched (Touch Attack!) item to gold upon command word spoken. May be used on 1 target once per day. Effect targets 1 lb per level inflicting 2D6 Damage per level of wielder to living creatures and 1D6 Damage to nonliving targets. (DC = 10 + Level + Cha)(Fortitude for Half)

This leaves the object in question as a gold object with a varied purity depending on character’s level. Gold items and creatures made of gold are immune. The value of the gold is roughly equal to 50gp x Level if sold on open market.

- Shielded (1) – Grants user (N) bonus to all saves.
- Armoured (DR-1) – Increases Damage Resistance of your Armour Rating by (N). This is treated as an additional point of armour for wearer for piercing purposes.
- Vulerability Elements – Elemental attacks inflict double damage to wielder and normal damage if saved against. In addition, extreme temperatures inflict double penalties to the user.
- Relic Cursed – The item cannot be removed… “Dispel” and “Remove Curse” spells have no effect.


This ancient relic is a powerful item held by the gilded king in the 3rd age! He was said to be one of the wealthiest kings of his day. He was burried with 20 of his most loyal men so he might have servants to help him in the afterlife. A popular story about the “Gilded King” reads below…

On one of hottest days during the summer the kings personal guard followed the “Gilded King” through the courtyard when an old wizened beggar approached the king. The guard stepped between them, but the beggar pleaded over the guard to the king to bestow him a boon.

The king waved the guard aside, wiped his brow in the tortourous heat, and looked at the old man with nought a thing in the world. The gilded king looked at the beggar and spoke as he gasped the hot air, “You have nothing to offer me so I have nothing to offer you.” The man looked down for a moment in distress and then responded… The guard looked on, but could not hear the two as they whispered to one another.

The king’s eyes brightened after hearing the beggars response and responded, “I am intrigued, ok I will give you a short time and if you can give me this I will grant your boon.” The two men walked together for a time and shortly afterwards the king smiled and grabbed a branch of a tree turning it to gold. He presented it to the beggar who ran off with glee with his new wealth.

The guard approached the king who removed his necklace and took a deep breath. The astonished guard spoke, “King! What did that beggar say to grant him such a boon!” The Gilded King smiled and carried his amulet to the shade of a tree and responded while they walked, “He granted me my freedom and I granted him his!”

Arguras Trisole, of the Gilded Guard

Amulet of the Gilded King

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