Zu Zu

Zu Zu the Bloody, Warchief of goblins at Town of Adham


Home – Town of Adham
Race – Goblin
Age – 18
Height – 2’-11"
Alignment – Chaotic Evil
Description – He wears a set of red that is dyed red and constantly covers himself with blood. He carries a special combination weapon pick-axe.

Level – (3 Barbarian)
HP – 45
Ac – 18
Dr – 2 (Red Leather Armour)
For/Ref/Will – (6/3/-1)
Strength – 14 (2)
Dexterity – 14 (2)
Constitution – 16 (3)
Inteligence – 7 (-2)
Wisdom – 7 (-2)
Charisma – 8 (-1)

Skills – His skill set revolves around pummeling something until it stops moving… And drinking… Usually blood.


A goblin chief who achieved power by beating the tar out of anything that stood in his way. A true testament to “survival of the fittest”, but one does wonder why he is soooo short… In fact the only thing shorter than him is his temper… Still he subjugated and gained control over half a dozen tribes along the broken mountain range in the unaligned lands. He even waged a “short” war against the orcish tribes to the north, but lost after a bloody struggle.

Update – Seed 1, Day 23, Awe 1 – With the death of Zu Zu, Giz, & the departure of the Goblin snipers, the people within the city are free to wander the streets and rebuild. The city’s people nominated Galindor Evermask as the new magistrate of the city with Lyne Trebuchet and Guinness as vice-magistrates. Galindor Evermask accepts his new position and vows to rebuild the city. He exclaims, “Although the true heroes cannot stay within these walls, they promise to aid us in this time of need and in return I will grant them supplies and whatever aid I can bestow them before they leave us for the great city of City of Arcanna.”

Zu Zu

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