Very Old Blue Dragon of Xaros


Home – Town of Xaros
Race – Dragon
Age – Dead for 250 years?
Height – 40’-9" (Huge Class)
Alignment – Chaotic Evil?
Description – A massive creature with glossy blue scales that shine like saphires. The scales are harder than steel and odor of ozone can be detected… In addition, her cave is permeated in static electricity even to this day…

Level – (Very Old)
HP – 1080
Ac – 35 (Includes Size Penalty)
Dr – Natural Scales (29)
For/Ref/Will – (29/17/25)
Strength – 31 (10)
Dexterity – 10 (0)
Constitution – 23 (6)
Inteligence – 18 (4)
Wisdom – 19 (4)
Charisma – 18 (4)

Skills – In legend lore her skills seemed to take ranger skills based on hunting and survival. This creature was said to be without equal in this aspect.


A massive blue dragon steeped from the nightmares of others with a strange and bizzare history filled with unorthodox events and drama. Although many believed the creature was “Terror” incarnate for the damage she wrought upon the Town of Xaros, it is strange to note the town survived in its pressence with nearly no defences until the “Talos” family line arrived some 250 years ago…

This legendary creature tormented the Town of Xaros often, but never destroyed it or interferred in its mining operations. The creature may have “wanted” them to stay there, but if she did, she wanted them to fear her as they feared death.

Kae’las Talos arrived in the town named “The Broken Iron” with a human female named Trey Kalimar. They lived peacfully in the town until a dragon attack killed the son of a local goat shephard in the town. This infuriated Kae’las and he traveled to the summit of Mount Vance where a battle raged for 3 days atop its snowy peaks. In the end, the crippled Dusk Blade emerged from his ordeal stating the beast Xaros had been slain.

Most believed him as the attacks ceased and the town rejoiced, but they learned the dragon had been protecting them all along from green skins and marauder threats in the area. However, the city’s new champion vowed to protect the town and its peoples… But one does question why the dragon was protecting them… Food, sport, or perhaps something far more important…

It is popular belief Xaros only mated with one dragon and this dragon was not of her blood. This unusual mating (Though possible!) lead to many blue dragon offspring as she controlled heritage of the eggs. However, Xaros’s mate remains a mystery even to this day despite the brood’s sworn revenge on the “Talos” family.


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