Vale Starwind

Grand High Chancellor of the Pelor Order


Home – The Dragon Nations
Race – Human
Age – 98
Height – 6’-2"
Alignment – Neutral Good


He is one of the oldest humans alive at the age of 98 years old making him appear aged and weak. Most are very surprised when he rises from his chair and almost runs towards you. His clothing is an everescent white color with the emblem of the sun on both sides of his tunic. His holy symbol known as the Content Not Found: flare_ is a powerful relic from before the 1st cataclysm and symbolizes his ferverent belief of Pelor’s will. He also carries a two headed staff named the _Content Not Found: morning-sun which also hails from the 1st cataclysm. At one end of the staff it darkens to a midnight black and the other side brightens to a gold while the mid-staff is a orange-red coloration. However, though these two items are relics of the past it has been long debated these two items may not be exclusive artifacts for the god of Pelor though most enlightened Pelor theogens disagree saying they merely show the constant struggle of the faithful!

CR – ?
Class – Paladin/Cleric/Bishop
HP – ?
Ac – ?
Dr – ?
For/Ref/Will – (?/?/?)
Strength – 8 (-1)
Dexterity – 8 (-1)
Constitution – 12 (1)
Inteligence – 20 (5)
Wisdom – 28 (9)
Charisma – 20 (5)

Skills – He has many skills in a surpising variety. He is known to posess every skill a typical cleric would have in great quantity, but has shown on occasion he is a talented clothier.


Vale Starwind was not always in line to become the Grand High Chancellor and recieved the title only 20 years ago after being named successor by the late Chancellor Dimitre Blaze. The majority of Starwind’s life was spent adventuring in the dragon lands fighting the spawn of Tiamat known as the Draconians.

He has survived over 40 years of battle and hardship against the vast Draconian hordes and during the battle over Grell’s Burning Wastes where Chancellor Dimitre was slain by the now reigning Grand High Chancellor of Vecna Content Not Found: tres-di-licre.

The origins of the Pelor religion run back to the 1st cataclysim, but sadly most of the religion’s historical records were destroyed during the 2nd cataclysim when massive fires raged destroying 90% of all Pelor temples. It was often stated if anyone knew anything of the Golden Empire the church to Pelor had to, sadly this rumor died as the Crystal Symposiom the largest temple to Pelor was submerged in a lake of lava.

Still, only humanity predominantly worships Pelor though many historians and theologians would argue that the god Pelor and the elven god Omertes Larethian (The brother to Corellon!) worshipped by the Sun Elves is/and always was one and the same…

Vale Starwind

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