Tzar Everwind

Old Traveling Grey Wizard


Home – (Your pretty sure he doesn’t have one anymore!)
-Race – Human?
Age – Several Eons?
Height – 5’-3"
Alignment – Neutral Good?
Description – He wears a grey cloak with a steepled grey hat customary for a grey mage to wear. He has a white beard with a warm smile that greets those that come near him. He always seems happy to speak with someone and will talk of his travels endlessly so long as someone is willing to listen. He carries a large worn wooden stave that is twisted and gnarled with almost a perfect grip for the old man to hold onto while walking!

Level – (?)
HP – ?

Ac – ???
Dr – An old Grey Cloak (?)
For/Ref/Will – (?/?/?)
Strength – ?? (?)
Dexterity – ?? (?)
Constitution – ?? (?)
Inteligence – ?? (?)
Wisdom – ?? (?)
Charisma – ?? (?)

Skills – He seems knowledgeable on many topics involving magic, arcanna, local & foreign histories, elven, dwarven, & draconian lore. His knowledge of history is also very impressive, but seems lacking at the most simplistic mechanical devices and technologies.


Tzar is a being of ancient origin despite his appearnance as an ordinary Human. He is either a talanted liar or one of the oldest things you have ever encountered as he corresponds his life from the fourth and fifth ages. He speaks of the past as yesterday and tomorrrow’s events as a distant future. This makes him very enigmatic and difficult to understand when he speaks of time as he rarely relates time in a customary format(Like years or days!)… Rather he will indicate time through events, i.e. “That of course didn’t happen till after my fourth nap in the fourth age.”

He is constantly drinking water (At least it looks like water!) even while walking, but never loses a drop or misses a step. (He must do this a lot!) He never seems burdened and he travels with a hastened step not associated with an old man.

He states he is looking for an old freind named Xaros and says he must find her before he breathes his last breathe. He also states his time is nearing an end and that he must complete his final journey if he is to die a noble death. This is odd as he shows no signs of weakness despite his age, but he says he is sure of this inevitable doom that lurks closer every day.

He indicates he is waiting for someone to head to a nearby Town of Xaros so he might be better protected from the nearby creatures that inhabit the mountainside. It would seem Tzar is a compassionate man who is driven with his final journey and most who speak of him wish him well on it or would like to see him complete it for it would seem it is his final wish in life to do so…

Tzar Everwind

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