Tiburux Terminus

Legendary Hero of the North Wind


The true story of Tiburux is a mystery as is his ascension into the Dragon Born society. Many historians claim this ancient hero hailed from one of Bahamut’s scales himself. But, the legendary hero has disclaimed this theory as with the hundreds of others that surround his ascension.

His victories and battles are impossible to count and he the only Dragon Born to have survived the 4th cataclysm. But, this would make the warrior over 1,000 years in age… Even with Bahamut’s blessing, this would seem to be impossible for a Human to attain.

Tiburux’s home resides far to the north in the Dragon Lands in a city named Ante Quem which no longer is a city, but a single fortress within the ruins. Over many centuries many have even attempted to settle in the ruins of the city to rebuild it, but Tiburux has always issued the “Right of Terminus” over the area forbidding any settlers from reestablishing the ancient city.

In ancient lore it is believed the city was the destroyed by an attack from the Draconian forces, just after the 4th cataclysm. It is often mused by those that respect the hero that this city has something more valuable than gold and precious than gemstones. As to what lies there… It is anyone’s guess, but it is known that Tiamat forces will NOT venture to this place either due to the distance or perhaps some religious reasoning beyond the ken of Bahamut historians and clerics…

Tiburux is the bearer of the legendary sword, Content Not Found: Heartseaker_ the dragonslayer sword of legend known to have slain dragons and Draconians with a single stroke. The only other sword with as much fame is its twin sister blade known as Content Not Found: Blooddrinker_ the dragonslayer held by none other that the leader of the Draconian empire Content Not Found: Tres-de-licre.

Tiburux Terminus

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