Grel Spider

Leader of the Broken Blade goblins


Home – Goblin Camp – Enchanted Woods
Race – Goblin
Age – 12
Height – 3’-8"
Alignment – Lawful Neutral
Description – He wears a black leather tunic with a red cloak to signify his position as chief. He carries two belts, one belt has ten daggers hanging off it while the other appears to hold nothing.

Level – (5 Rogue)
HP – 25
Ac – 19
Dr – Masterworked Black Leather Armour & Red Cape(4)
For/Ref/Will – (0/9/0)
Strength – 10 (0)
Dexterity – 20 (5)
Constitution – 8 (-1)
Inteligence – 18 (4)
Wisdom – 8 (-1)
Charisma – 12 (1)
Sneak Attack – (3D6) Damage

Skills – All his skills are based around thievery and mining… He doesn’t like to speak about his mining skills though…


This scrappy little goblin suffered greatly at the hands of the Orcish hordes to the north named the Ravagers. He spent the first 8 years of his life working in the mines until one day an orc beat his friend and was about to kill him, when Spider struck and killed the orc with a single blow to the back. Other goblins in the group began to revolt under the cruel boot heels of the orcs and the mine was freed after a short bloody struggle.

The goblins fled south towards the unaligned lands where they met a group of Bugbears who took them in and trained them to fight to survive on their own. Now these goblins fight to survive in the enchanted wood along with the Bugbears, but their enslavement has changed them fundamentally.

These goblins believe an ordered society is their only chance and have forsaken their chaotic ways their other brethern have embraced. They look towards their Bugbear cousins for guidance and although the Bugbears do not respect their cousins’ weakness, the Bugbears have given these goblins a fighting chance for there are many enemies in these wilds… From the Red Fists, to the Orcs of One Eye, to Galindor’s troops… They are surrounded…

Though he is unexperienced in the world, Spider seeks to build or join a city. His small village has become an elite fighting force due to the constant attacks from all their enemies. He wants peace, but during a peaceful meeting with the Orcs of One Eye, he was betrayed and turned to stone by their shaman Content Not Found: one-eye. He was freed by the heroes from the Vanguard and has agreed to aid them however he can, but even he feels they may be his only chance to save his people.

Grel Spider

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