Samantha Bronze

Liberated Dragon Born


Home – Castello Bergia?
Race – Dragon Born
Age – 57
Height – 5’-11" {Dragon Born Form}
Alignment – Chaotic Good

Though it is difficult to determine what race she actually is. In Dragonborn form she has armoured scales over vital sections imposing a shapely physical form. Her hair is always long and she appears to have it even in Dragonborn form through dreads which are a pliant scaled material… She is strong and capable, but often lets her emotions to heal and protect get the better of her making her seem unwise. She has a unusual caring attitude which most everyone finds appealing.

CR – 7
Class – 3 Cleric/3 Medic/1 Bard
HP – 75
Ac – 15
Dr – 10 (???)
For/Ref/Will – (7/6/3)
Strength – 11 (0)
Dexterity – 11 (0)
Constitution – 16 (3)
Inteligence – 13 (1)
Wisdom – 23 (6)
Charisma – 17 (3)


Her skills seem to be based healing, diplomacy, seduction, and “Ahem”!

Follower Benefits

Cure Light WoundsFree action – Heals target 1D8+5hp.
Cure Moderate Wounds -Free Action – Up to 5x per day. Heals target 2D8+7hp.
Heal -Free Action – Once per day. Heal Target 100hp and other healing effects as per heal.
Bronze vs. Black – On any day their is a 50% chance Lilalac is with you, otherwise Samantha is with you… Vicious fighting… Every guys dream?!?
Over-Protective Nature – Due to her need to help those in pain she may “Flee” anytime ANYONE in the party is bloodied (25%) chance… However, unusual events begin to occur after 1 turn after her disappearance…


She claims to have been rescued and liberated by dwarves. She feels this was the best event that could have occurred to her as she believes she would most likely be dead if they had not interfered. Though she states occasionally she is not a Mountain Dwarf or anything else she transforms into, she avoids conversation regarding to what race she actually is.

Though she uses her bedside manner to flirt with every creature within 20 feet of her she does not seem to have another vice. She hates to fight and refuses to carry weaponry of any kind saying “I ain’t a fighter sugar, but yall strong men are!”…

She is the kinda girl you’d bring home to mother, plus she’s polite, direct, and a capable speaker. A good hard working girl and that’s the way she likes it…

She has opinions about the other races and she flirts with these categories using inuendo… Common quotes are…

Draconian/Dragonborn (Nothin stronger than a Dragon sugar!)
Bold/Daring/Heroic (I need a hero!)
Goody-To-Shoes (If ya aint good you aint true blue!)
Halflings (They’re just sooo cute!)
Any Halves (Diversity is the spice of life sugar!)
Any Orcs (Cause they’re strong! I need a strong one sugar!)
Humans (Each one is SO different!)
Dwarves (They’re all strong, tough, and rough!)
Male (I like them big and strong sugar!)
Female (I don’t like to share sugar!)
Gnome (Kinda like dwarves sugar, just not as tough…)

Update Awe 2 Seed 8 Day 3
Tyberious Wrex has gained the attention of this kindly good medic. However, Lilalac Black is constantly battling for control of Tyberious Wrex time. They often begin arguments with one another as soon as they meet and will often put the poor paladin in awkward and compromising positions to forward their own agendas.

Tyberious Wrex will have to work hard to keep these two from disrupting the tasks at hand…

Samantha Bronze

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