Riffolk Scofflaw

Human Fighter Body Guard to Galindor


Home – Town of Adham
Race – Human
Age – 32
Height – 6’-1"
Alignment – Lawful Neutral
Description – He has uneven brown hair and dark blue eyes. He has a braided beard and smokes a meerschaum pipe which originates from the elven lands. He wears scale mail armour and carries a longsword, but unlike most other troops no shield!

Level – 9-Fighter
HP – 153
Ac – 20
Dr – Masterworked Scale Mail(4)
For/Ref/Will – (14/8/2)
Strength – 14 (2)
Dexterity – 13 (1)
Constitution – 20 (5)
Inteligence – 10 (0)
Wisdom – 11 (0)
Charisma – 12 (1)

Skills – His skills are based around fighting, intimidation, and strength. He has a solid grasp on tactics, but prefers an upfront fight to “sneaking” around. His toughness is legendary and is drinking skills are neigh unbeateable.

Master – He is a Master of “Toughness”…
- Auto – (1) HP every level
- Defeat Bugbear Unarmed-??
- ??


He was the Captain of Adham’s city guard for many years, but was “relieved” of duty over an incident which he will not speak of. He turned to Galindor Evermask during this troubling time and became his personal guard (Though he rarely acknowledges this fact!)

He is a powerful combatant, but his real strength lies in his ability to take punishing attacks and survive them… He is one of the few individuals to have survived an artillery direct hit. He shrugs at pain and many believe him to be the “Toughest Man alive!”

He aquired his rank not through promotion, but rather through surviving everything that has happened to the city and not dying! Troops that train with him tend to become tougher as well and he has garnered himself local popularity throughout the area.

The attack at the Town of Adham, however has left many mistified for he has no love of goblinoids and “never” shrinks from danger yet did not fight the goblins attacking the town except to guard the Warlock’s Purse. His only retort to this is, “The town discarded me, so I owe it nothin!”

Galindor Evermask finds him to be an excellent body guard and often says, “He is the best guard I’ve ever had in my employ! He’s not there when I don’t need him, and always around when I do… What else is there to say?”

Riffolk Scofflaw

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