Reder Scofflaw

Human Male Traveling Wizard


Home – ?
Race – Human
Age – ?

Height – 6’-0"
Alignment – ?
Description – He has long copper colored hair and wears a red vest with several silvered stitches weaving throught it. His cloak is also embroiled and is fashioned from “Mageweave”, a fairly common magical thread. He speaks with an aristocratic tone and wears a signet ring. He favors his right leg when he walks and travels with his friend Drarder Schol.

CR – (?)
Class – Wizard?
HP – ?
Ac – ?
Dr – None(0)
For/Ref/Will – (
Strength – 8 (-1)
Dexterity – 8 (-1)
Constitution – 10 (0)
Inteligence – 16 (3)
Wisdom – 8 (-1)
Charisma – 12 (1)

Skills – His skills seem to be based around knowledge skills and the arcane. He seems particularly interested in subjects pertaining to the deceased and the undead.


Reder is a aristocrat from a nearby city. He is very quiet when he speaks and never unveils his cloak. He seemed interested in this area due to the number of dead and the damaged temple in the north eastern section of town. He is often talking to Hogni about it and prods him for information, but Hogni seems unwilling to talk to speak about the matter in detail.

Reder is always in the companionship of his friend Drarder Schol and his pet black bear Campi who Hogni allows to stay in the Inn. When asked about the bear, Hogni responds, “Don’t ye bother it and it won’t bother ye!”

Reder Scofflaw

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