Rath al

Primarch of the Bronze Dragonflight


Home – ?
Race – Primarch Bronze Dragon
Age – ?

Length – 75’
Alignment – ???

Massive metalic orange (akin to Bronze coloration!) scales slightly turning green at the edges adorn this creature. Each scale could make a shield in its own right and its claws and teeth are of the same coloration and turn green at bases where they extrude from. Its maw is large enough to easily swallow an ogre whole and could easily grasp one with one of its claws… Its aquatic origins show through its webbing covering its main torso fins and each of its limbs is webbed as well making this creature an effective swimmer despite its size…

Level – 39 HD
HP – 2,765 (Mwhahahah…Yeah…)
Ac – 35
Dr – 39 (20/Magic(5))
For/Ref/Will – (38/30/38)
Strength – 40 (15)
Dexterity – 11 (0)
Constitution – 28 (9)
Inteligence – 27 (8)
Wisdom – 28 (9)
Charisma – 27 (8)

Skills – This dragon is an immortal dragon… It has vast skills and abilities the likes of which are probably not attainable within your short life spans…


One of the original Primarchs crafted by Bahamt itself… A legendary dragon of unsurpassed strength and size within the Bronze dragon flight… Though it is believed Rath al is indeed a male it is often mused how he created the rest of his flight… No one has ever dared to ask…

From legend and lore Rath al was an especially kind and caring dragon and his attitude towards animals was legendary offering them a safe haven against hunters and other threats. Though he was known to dine upon particularly dangerous creatures such as tigers and sharks…

From what is known about this grand creature, legend speaks of his “need” to safe guard the environment and especially the oceans to which he often protected against over zealous fishermen by damaging their ships repeatedly.

Despite thousands of years of warfare between the followers of Bahamut and Tiamat, the primarchs seem to be a taboo target to attack… There are many theories behind this respect… Some believe its a healthy need to not be killed and eaten by these mighty creatures, but others maintain it is out of respect for their revered fathers… On the other hand, primarchs have never taken part in any recorded battle letting the Draconians and Dragonborn fight on their behalf… This too is a mystery…

Rath al

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