High Mage Council Elder of City of Arcanna


Home – City of Arcanna
Race – Male Human
Age – 45
Height – 5’-9"
Alignment – Lawful Neutral

Phonato is the picture perfect mage. He exudes his confidence in anything magical and holds very little else in high regard. He wears a light tan wizard’s cloak embroiled with arcane script and glowing from magical enchantments. His hair is well kempt and he always has a mean scowl plastered to his face. There is no good news to this man and his expectations never seem to be met. He is always busy and preparing spells to be cast even while speaking to clients and those who wish his attention…

CR – 15
Class – 15 Wizard
HP – 48
Ac – 18
Dr – 8 (Magical Field)
For/Ref/Will – (10/11/17)
Strength – 11 (0)
Dexterity – 12 (1)
Constitution – 11 (0)
Intelligence – 25 (7)
Wisdom – 15 (2)
Charisma – 13 (1)


He his a trained and well versed wizard of the arcane arts… His skills revolve around magic, enchantment, and conjuration magicks… He cares for little else and refuses to waste time with idle banter or topics not about the topics he cares for…


Phonato has spent his entire life mastering conjuration magicks. He believes conjuration can save the world through creation. To materialize objects and creatures through magic is the only path that can alter the world on a long term.

However, over the years Phonato’s experiences with magic have darkened his disposition towards it… Setbacks and interference from other mages has impeded his progress ever since it began more than 20 years ago. He even took over as Arcanna‘s official high mage council elder to support his theories and add the city’s resources to his research… To his dismay, his research has been less than effective.

Phonato is the youngest high mage to govern over Arcanna within the last thousand years. He is far more intelligent than his years would seem to allow. Most believe his magic is unequalled within the field of conjuration and creation and those that require this magic will seek him out.

Despite his studies however, his diplomatic skills are lacking for his position. Were it not for his vast reserves of intelligence, he would have made a poor choice for . However, most people within Arcanna feel he is a great leader in the making… Once he gives up on his own personal goals that is…


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