Pharlip Altet

Elf Male Mayor of The Westerly Winds and Resident Artist


Home – Order of the Shining Star(Elven Nation)
Race – Sun Elf
Age – 245
Height – 5’-6"
Alignment – Lawful Good
Description – He has thin golden hair and bronzed skin color indicate he is a Sun Elf. He wears aristicratic garb indicating a rank in the society of Elves. His clothing is of quality make and quite old looking. He wears a signet ring of his ruling house(Altet). He wears a necklace with a singular charm on it. The charm itself appears to be a pearl of some quality.

CR – 25
Class – Fighter (Ex-Paladin)
Attack – 20/15/10/5 + 3(Str)/6(Str) = 23/26
HP – 180
Ac – 20(Base) + 3(Dex) + 1(Dodge)/-1(Size) = 24/23(If in Beast Form)
Dr – 0(None) + 10(Racial) + 2(Form) = 10(Silver) / 12(If in Beast Form)
For/Ref/Will – (11/9/11)
Strength – 16 (3)/22 (6)
Dexterity – 16 (3)
Constitution – 8 (-1)
Inteligence – 12 (1)
Wisdom – 20 (5)
Charisma – 22 (6)

Skills – His skills seem to be focussed on religion, fighting, and Elven knowledge skills. He is a talented artisian.

Rank 3 Master – He is a Master of “Paladins”…
– Character Requires “Leadership” Feat – (1) Bonus to Wisdom per Level
– ??
– ??


Pharlip Altet is quiet and secretive individual despite his status as mayor in the town. The town considers him to be the ultimate athority and listens to whatever he has to say. Despite this fact his home is actually outside the city some distance as to afford him some privacy.

Most townsfolk consider him to be the “Fairest” man they have ever known bringing wisdom and clarity to situations that would seem to have no solution. If a problem has an answer, they know to seek out Pharlip first to find the best answer.

If he walks through the town, you all know it because many townsfolk constantly surround him to speak of their problems as of late. Since he is the local “mayor” what he says goes and only recently has he been as recluse as he has been.

Fifty years ago a creature ravaged the town. In desperation Mayor Strifewind contacted the church of Pelor to send paladin’s in the local area to aid. Many Paladin’s came, but only Pharlip Altet survived the ordeal, although not before his wife was killed by the “Beast” that attacked the town.

Strifewind and much of the city was destroyed during the final attack by the beast and until recently the beast was thought to be dead… However it seems a new beast has surfaced and its attacks now plague the Town of Westerly Winds. Most hope Pharlip Altet will fight the beast and slay it!

DM – Pharlip Altet is a Master Paladin and grants (+1 Wisdom every Level)… He has lost his faith in himself and needs someone to rekindle that faith via leadership feat (His challenge!) Of course he must survive this ordeal with his daughter first though…

Update – Day 13, Seed 2, Awe 1 – Sadly Pharlip Altet was mortally wounded during your struggle with his daughter and his death weighs upon your hearts. Despite this, you all hope he is now at peace with his daughter and wife in the after-life hopefully in the endless fields of Pelor. “His” sword Moon Beam is now in your hands…

Pharlip Altet

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