Nix & Shake

Two Young Unassuming Orphan Children


Home – City of Broken Copper
Race – Nix Male Human
– Shake Female Human
Age – 10… ish…
Height – 2’-6"
Alignment – Unknown

Follower Benefits

Shake – ?

Description – Nix is a picture perfect blue eyed ash blond haired little boy. He typically wears a light common smock fit for him. He wears no other clothing, but sometimes carries a wooden sword he swings with a little boys strength. He named the sword Ekash. Shake is also a blue eyed long golden blond haired girl wearing a typical worn brown dress. She often carries a small teddy bear which she hugs when she’s nervous. She named the bear Xin…


These two children appeared before the heroes as two orphaned stow away kids who approached both Petr Roy and Tyberious Wrex. They seemed to have an inclination to the trades both of these heroes possessed. In a short time they began following the heroes in their travels and though some of the group had reservations the two youngsters quickly won the hearts of the other heroes.

They do not fight with the heroes directly, but seem to be able to avoid combat and disappear once it begins. As time passed with the heroes they learned these two were far more than they seemed. Yet the two youngsters retain their secrets they do attempt to help the party whenever they can…

Though the party suspects many theories over these two children several questions have arisen… Who are their parents? Why were they left to fend for themselves? Do they pose a threat to the party?

Nix & Shake

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