Mira Reed

Slave Entertainer to Galindor


Home – Town of Adham
Race – Halfling
Age – 19
Height – 3’-6"
Alignment – Neutral Good
Description – Mira is an attractive halfling with curly red hair and brown eyes. She is short, trim, and “very” limber with a youthful look about her. It is apparant she has suffered during her younger years from a traumatizing scar that starts at her shoulder and runs along neckline indicating a terrible injury. She cannot speak though many still understand her via gestures and her amazing “Body” language.

CR – 4
Class – Acrobat/Bard
HP – 16
Ac – 18
Dr – “Tight” Leather Vest(2)
For/Ref/Will – (0/8/3)
Strength – 12 (1)
Dexterity – 18 (4)
Constitution – 7 (-2)
Inteligence – 13 (1)
Wisdom – 8 (-1)
Charisma – 17 (3)

Skills – She has a “way” about her suggesting skill in abilities revolving around dexterity, but also has high ranks in sense motive and listen. She tends to listen very often and hears more than a fair share of information about various topics though getting her to “speak” about it is… Difficult to say the least!


As per Galindor Evermask Mira has spent most of her life in the scrags of life. A true “diamond” in the fields of coal that adorn this town. He often finds great enjoyment watching her dance and will often wait until her performance is over before he will speak with anyone about business, though he may still speak on other topics(Mira is the favored subject of course!)

Galindor, was once caught saying, “It is hard to imagine my Inn without her pressence. She brings true character to my Inn even above some of the road shows in the great cities to the east, however I do not envy how she came to be my slave nor the fate that befell her family over ten years ago. Still, I admire her youth and skill and although I am dearly tempted to take advantage of this situation, I feel it best for the moment that she remain a slave rather than a concubine…”

Galindor rarely shows any attachment to anything… This odd display shows as much about Mira as it does about him and one could only wonder… Does he truly have feelings for her and what does that entail?

Update – Day 2, Seed 4, Awe 1 – Adeamer Talos aquired the contract binding Mira to enslavement via a special request to Galindor Evermask after much debate. After a brief thoughtAdeamer Talos freed Mira from her enslavement. She showed Adeamer Talos she was thankful, but alas did not seem to have the same feelings for him that he had for her. She then left into town to complete some important task.

Update – Day 10, Seed 4, Awe 1 – The Vanguard rescued Mira from the terrible fate that befell her family. In addition, the heroic warriors killed the creature that harmed her in her early years. She indicates through gestures she is indebted to the party and will endevour to help them with whatever they need.

Mira Reed

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