Home – Town of Xaros
Race – Dragon
Age – 56
Height – 20’-3" (Large)
Alignment – Unknown?

Description – A massive creature with glossy blue scales that shine like sapphires. The scales are harder than steel and odor of ozone can be detected… This particular dragon has seen a great deal of combat and continuously improves its own fighting skills to become a better hunter…

Level – (Young Adult)
HP – 432
AC – 35 (Includes Size Penalty)
DR – Natural Scales (29)
For/Ref/Will – (19/11/15)
Strength – 23 (6)
Dexterity – 10 (0)
Constitution – 19 (4)
Intelligence – 20 (5)
Wisdom – 15 (2)
Charisma – 14 (2)

Skills – Maximes is a hunter… It can be assumed he has any skill pertaining to hunting and survival skills.


Maximes is young dragon of the Xaros brood… A true blue dragon in every sense of the word he hunts to hunt… Though he may take trophies to showcase his kills he very rarely takes treasure unless it is valuable to his prey. His definition of “treasure” is arbitrary and those that know of this dragon believe any “treasure” he would have is meaningless to most other beings…

Maximes is believed to have killed 5 lesser dragons during the last 10 years according to Bahamut and has a sizable bounty placed upon it… Though even dragon hunters are squeamish to engage the cunning dragon as it has proven over and over to be resourceful and evasive when being hunted…

Worse still, it will change roles and begin to hunt the hunters one at a time till all have been slain. Only one hunter has been known to face Maximes and survive the encounter to this day. His name is Content Not Found: baron-trod, who’s fame proceeds him wherever he goes as among the best of the best… He however admitted defeat to this dragon, though the dragon could not kill him either.

Maximes is believed to be hunting the remainder of the Talos family and is most likely distracted in this pursuit otherwise it would most likely hunt Content Not Found: baron-trod until one of them was killed…


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