Lyne Trebuchet

Second Merchant Leader of Town of Adham


Home – Town of Adham
Race – Half Elf
Age – 50
Height – 5’-2"
Alignment – Neutral Good
Description – At first glance one could easily mistake this person as an ordinary human, but upon closer inspection one learns she is indeed a Half Elf. She carries several weapons on her person at any time and is always wearing a iron set of chainmail armour she calls Dangerfield. Her weapon of choice is the longbow and she always carries a Dueling Blade.

Level – Level 3 Fighter / Level 1 Merchant (Rogue prestige class!)
HP – 32 (4HD)
Ac – 16
Dr – Magical Masterworked Chain Mail(6) + Large Shield(2) = 8 DRR
For/Ref/Will – (2/5/3(5))
Strength – 10 (0)
Dexterity – 16 (2)
Constitution – 8 (-1)
Inteligence – 16 (3)
Wisdom – 14 (2)
Charisma – 16 (3)

Skills – She has a broad range of skills, but her skill set seems to be more about fighting than about trading and governing a trading guild. She has a vast number of skills and natural talent to take stock of any situation. Many individuals, including Galindor Evermask occasionally ask her for her opionion of events, deals, or even people! She is considered one of the finest archers in the Town of Adham


Lyne came to the Town of Adham twenty years ago to begin a trading agreement between this town and the great merchant city known as the City of Geley. Although she says she found this assignment beneath her at first, she was enchanted by the town’s ambient charm and its inhabitants, especially the bond of freindship she gained with Guinness and Galindor Evermask who both found her pressence in the town beneficial.

Lyne herself is a kind merchant often operating at a loss to help those around her. She often buys gear and gives it to those that need it at no cost and almost always gives generous amounts of gold to the poor. She finds filth distasteful and cannot stand being dirty in any way… However, her pressence has been missed by many as she has rarely left the barracks due to the large sections of the city being decimated by war.

With the trade agreement now complete she stays in the town to protect its interests and live the quiet life as a local merchant. On occasion she indicates the “other” members of her family didn’t aprove of her and often treated her with open resentment. Her father (Lord Trebuchet) was one of the founding members of this house five hundred years ago and left the lion share of its wealth and assets to Lyne, much to the dismay of the other family members in the merchant guild…

The Trebuchet guild has a great many supporters throughout the known world. Although only the guild knows for sure, outposts are said to exist for this guild even into the Dragon Lands. As little is known about the guild itself, it is said the holdings and wealth this guild has far exceed most nations in the unaligned nation region.

Lyne Trebuchet

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