Lady Gudiver

Madame of The Hopping Rabbit in Arcanna


Home – City of Arcanna
Race – Human
Age – 42
Height – 5’-9"
Alignment – Lawful Neutral

She has vibrant clothes to match her vibrant personality. She is has red hair with matching clothing. Her clothing is of royal craft and drapes around her very well. Though she is very heavy set she is still pleasant to the eye until she isn’t smiling. If she isn’t catering to the wealthiest guest she is instructing the ladies the “finer” points of her burlesque. She has a quick wit and temper to match. Some say she has taken a fancy to one of the local mages in the area.

CR – 2
Class – 2 Madame (A particularly dangerous class!)
HP – 24
Ac – 10
Dr – 5 (Red Dress)
For/Ref/Will – (-2/-2/8)
Strength – 13 (1)
Dexterity – 7 (-2)
Constitution – 7 (-2)
Inteligence – 15 (2)
Wisdom – 18 (4)
Charisma – 19 (4) (She recieves (-2) to all checks because shes soooo fat and angry!)


Her skills seem to be based getting someone’s attention, telling it how it is, being as unatainable as possible, and making men feel like little boys! (Not in a good way!)


Rage of the MadameOnce per day – Can call upon the fury within to gain a bonus equal to (Level + Charisma) to ALL rolls for (Level) TURNS. May only make basic melee attacks, “Disarm” attacks, or “Cat Scratch” attacks. While enraged, individual gains improved unarmed fighting as a bonus feat. Note – Individual may not draw weapons, perform any skills requiring an action, use other special attack types, or calm down until duration expires.
Cat ScratchAt Will (Level) times per day – A grapple attack which if successful in opposed strength knocks an opponent prone and AUTO hits every round until grapple ends. If target is not wearing a helmet their armour is completely ineffective… Note – Prone individuals recieve (-8) to melee attacks including breaking the grapple!


Years ago this woman would have been a true marvel to behold. Charming, witty, and beautiful beyond mortal reasoning… However, time (and food!) have played a mean trick upon this woman. Still posessing much of her beauty she began an inn by the name of the Hopping Rabbit. She has eliminated her competitors through shrewd negotiations and her charms… However, she runs her Inn and her females with the precision of a two-handed maul being weilded by a half-drunk stupid giant.

This does occasionally run her business into problems, but without a level-headed individual there to help run her Inn it is a problem she copes with by eating large quantities of Chocolate cake and drinking herself into a coma. However, most patrons believe she runs her Inn better while drunk as she “calms” to a “Wildcat” level of anger instead of the “Red Dragon” she usually is…

In fact, she is often called the “Red Dragon” while she is not within earshot, however one patron did make the mistake of calling it to her face once… The guard didn’t wake for 2 days… Some thought he would never would…

Lady Gudiver

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