Holme Acrat

Tanner and Militia Captain for Town of Westerly Winds


Home – Town of Westerly Winds
Race – Halfling
Age – 28
Height – 3’-11"
Alignment – Neutral
Description – Holme has golden hair and green eyes to match. He dresses in heavy leathers and often smells like the tannery he works at (Pretty Awful!). He has a lazy eye which tends to wander as he speaks to you distracting you from the conversation.

CR – 2
Class – Leatherworker
HP – 12
Ac – 14
Dr – Custom Double Leather Armour(5)
For/Ref/Will – (2/3/2)
Strength – 15 (2)
Dexterity – 12 (1)
Constitution – 13 (1)
Inteligence – 8 (-1)
Wisdom – 8 (-1)
Charisma – 6 (-2)

Skills – He is a Leatherworker. He seems fairly skilled despite his depth perception issues. He also has good “Gather Information” skills.


He is the head of the town miltia and fire brigade despite him being the cause of most of the fires that occur throughout the town (Bad Depth perception!) He is a poor tactician preferring to attack something by throwing a torch at it much to the dismay of the wooden buildings all about town.

Still, the town let’s him lead the garrison because he provides “Free” armour to all the mitlia members. Most people prefer letting Pharlip Altet take command and will at a moments notice.

However, the most distrubing part about this little Halfling is the camping stories he tells about the “Behemoth”. A terrifying creature at least 20 feet tall according to the halfling with NO perception. Most people believe he is crazy as no one else has seen it, still…

Update – Day 17, Seed 2, Awe 1 – The party interviews Holme to discover he has finished the new armour he was creating out of the carcass that was dropped on him. It appears he created a new set of hide armour known as Bullet Armour.

Holme Acrat

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