Hogni the Bartender in the "Broken Stone" in The Westerly Winds


Home – Town of Westerly Winds
Race – Mountain Dwarf
Age – 200+/-
Alignement – Neutral Good?
Description – He is obviously a Mountian Dwarf with his darker ruddy skin tone and blond greying hair. He typically wears a leather “jerkin” and apron. he has matted curly hair and is fairly thin for a dwarf.

CR – ?
Class – Bard?
HP – ?

Ac – ?
Dr – ?

For/Ref/Will – (//??)
Strength – 12 (1)
Dexterity – 16 (3)
Constitution – 12 (1)
Inteligence – 14 (2)
Wisdom – 5 (-3)
Charisma – 16 (3)

Skills – His skills seem to be focussed on Charisma based skills, knowledge skills, and local lore within the town… He is said to know a great deal about dwarven culture as well, but will only speak of it while intoxicated “significantly”.


He has resided within the Town of Westerly Winds for over 75 years (At least he says he has!) being the longest standing inhabitant to the town aside from Pharlip Altet himself. Most people view this kindly dwarf as a friend and confident. His Inn is always open and those people that know him “know” they have a place to stay if something were to happen to their home. Hogni NEVER requires payment for the service he provides and there is always an abundance of Acorn Bread and “Cheap” Ale. How he stays in business is anyone’s guess, but no one really cares either…

Hogni is revered in the town as a saint and would become the local mayor should anything happen to Pharlip Altet, though Hogni says he hopes nothing ever does. Hogni shows little interest in politics and genuinly cares for those around him and the town itself…

Hogni has on occassion mentioned that there is no force on this planet that can make him leave this town and that anything that would try would half to kill him first… This is odd because he has traveled so far from his home to be in such a “quaint” little town. What would make him want to stay especially with the problems as of late?

If Hogni does have a flaw it must be his past which he imparts very little information… Many believe he at one time was one of the dwarves of Stone Mountain. A legendary city of dwarves now lost beneath tons of rock and stone after a massive disaster befell the city… Though Hogni says that such rumors are lies at best.

He is after all just a normal dwarf trying to make a living…

Or at least so he says…


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