Hobse Bophubb

Male Halfling Alchemist of the Town of The Westerly Winds


Home – Town of Westerly Winds
Race – Male Halfling
Age – 39
Height – 3’-10"
Alignment – Lawful Evil

Physical Description

Hobse has messy greying hair and blue eyes. His hair is always standing on end and he maintains a unkempt visage (Probably on purpose!) He wears fine merchant clothing with jewlery to match indicating he might have belonged to a great merchant house. He is stocky, but not overweight.

CR – 2
Class – Alchemist/Jerk
HP – 14
Ac – 12
Dr – None(0)
For/Ref/Will – (2/-1/-1)
Strength – 7 (-2)
Dexterity – 9 (-1)
Constitution – 14 (2)
Inteligence – 17 (3)
Wisdom – 8 (-1)
Charisma – 5 (-3)

Skills – He’s an alchemist! If its alchemy he’s the right guy otherwise don’t bother. His skills as a merchant are laughable, but if you need his wares you just have to put up with it…

Rank 3 Master – He is a Master of “Alchemy”…
– Bring 50 Pristine “Deadish” Goblin bodies – ???
– ??
– ??


Hobse is a Jerk… That is putting it very nicely. How he ever became a merchant at all is anyone’s guess because his people skills are laughable. He has no interest in politics and he would let the city burn if it meant he could still brew potions and study his craft.

Quote – “Let the city burn… and GET OUT OF MY SHOP!”

His studies in goblin physiology are extensive ever since he decided to study the Gutshaker. A powerful “Healing” agent. He continues to refine and discover new serums to use from the goblinoid race… Much to his own pleasure, he often offers “Good” rewards for killing these creatures and bringing back parts for him to experiment on!

He dislikes anyone who bothers him with trivial tasks and has no issue throwing you out of his shop. Still an alchemist is a Adventurer’s best friend… Sometimes…

Hobse Bophubb

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