A Plucky Little Gnome


Home – Town of Adham
Race – Gnome?
Age – 212
Height – 3’-8"
Alignment – Chaotic Good
Description – He wears an assortment of metal knick knacks, leather, and strange safari hats. He speaks with a wispy liveliness that makes nearly anyone who chats with him at any length almost like him out of naustalgia of talking with a child. He often wears a monacle over his right eye that is attached to his tunic with a brown wire. However, this little gnome is full of quirks, of which he has a peculiur habit of running to where he wants to go even if its 10 feet away. He has trouble standing still and has been seen wandering aimless through town. He is a funny and captivating speaker and tends to liven the spirits of any that grace his pressence… Except Galindor Evermask who HATES him…

Level – (?)
HP – ?
Ac – ???
Dr – Masterworked “Gnomish” Mechanic leather(3)
For/Ref/Will – (7/10/15)
Strength – 10 (0)
Dexterity – 16 (3)
Constitution – 10 (0)
Inteligence – 22 (6)
Wisdom – 18 (4)
Charisma – 20 (5)

Skills – His skills seem to be based around Engineering skills and charisma skills. He is a novice Engineer. He seems particularly effective at gathering materials. He knows a great deal about Gnomish culture so many believe him to be an Gnome (Though the party knows different!). He also seems to have a facination with going into the wild and hunting… Though he doesn’t like hurting animals…


Four words describe this gnome well… Hyperactive… and… Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)… He however has garnered the love and appreciation of the Town of Adham. If the tower where he lived wasn’t so dangerous (Everyone stays out!) and the guards being completely wiped out earlier, a large mob would have gone in long ago to bring him out.

Tinsel Town just hasn’t been the same since he stopped showing his face around town. Many of the inhabitants truly miss the little gnome except one… It is not known why Galindor Evermask hates Guinness, but the feeling isn’t mutual as the gnome constantly appears to say “hi” to Galindor Evermask, show him some new invention, or just chat about new people in the Inn. Despite several attempts on the gnomes life, to which he says, “Awe, yeah those GUYS were FUN! I got to practice with my new voltage amp gun and EVERYTHING… See look!!!”

However, since Guiness’s disapearance, Galindor Evermask has been much more relaxed when the door to the Warlock’s Purse opens… It is believed Galindor Evermask has commissioned a small army of assassins to hurt, maim, and even kill the little gnome which all have failed at least till now. The only issue is, Galindor Evermask says he had no hand in his disapearance, a fact that seems to anger the great merchant lord in the city.

Guinness has said he would love to become mayor of the city so he could shake hands with EVERYONE and be showered with adoring people’s greetings so he could talk longer with them. He has said in the past his dream is to have a conversation for an entire day with everyone in the city! (Since no one thinks he sleeps… It might be possible!)

Update – Day 1, Seed 5, Awe 1 – Galindor leaves the Warlock’s Purse and travels to the center of the town to confront Guinness as the city is being altered around him… Changed to a metal wonderworks of practicality rather than the stone architectural marvel that Galindor would have made it the Town of Adham choose to allow Guinness become the new magistrate of the town. However, as Gallindor reached the center of the town he spoke, “I will not live in a world ruled by Guinness!” Galindor then took his own blade from his cloak and struck himself down in the center of the town. Though the town mourned his loss, none mourned it more than Guinness who raced off with Gallindor’s body in hopes of saving him…

Since then Guinness has not been seen or heard from… He is assumed to be in his tower, but his doors remain locked and no one can verify his whereabouts… Despite this, his Mechano Chickens continue to work to rebuild the damaged town in Guinness’s image.


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