Greorgory Parray

Council member of the Dwarf Nation


Home – [[???]]
Race – Male Dwarf
Age – N/A
Height – 4’-4"
Alignment – Lawful Neutral

Greorgory is a thin and frail looking Mountain Dwarf with styled white hair and amber eyes. Very few Dwarves even acknowledge his presence which leads many to question if this is a purposeful effort by him or his fellows. His facial expression never changes from a tired look (Though he can laugh somehow!), but he will often gesture with his hands to convey emotion to his dialogue. His clothing is common and he wears no jewelry accept a headband with wire poking through it…

CR – 20
Class – 20 (???)
HP – 400
Ac – 30
Dr – 20 (50 Iridium/Meteoric Iron)
For/Ref/Will – (25/15/20)
Strength – 30 (10)
Dexterity – 10 (0)
Constitution – 30 (10)
Intelligence – 30 (10)
Wisdom – 20 (5)
Charisma – 20 (5)


His skills seem to focus around diplomacy and various knowledge skills associated with Dwarven society. However, he seems to have knowledge of almost any relevant topic regarding any craft or knowledge anyone speaks to him about… Though he rarely shares or divulges any advice about such skills…


Greorgory is one of the few Dwarves to have traveled the entire underdark or so he claims. He is also one of the councilmen who brings issues to the attention of the council itself. Some Dwarves even believe he can speak with Moradin by thought alone.

Dwarves rarely confide with Greorgory and only call him when advice for a critical matter is required. In fact most Dwarves do not even acknowledge his presence. He often spends his time sitting alone at the Inn neither drinking nor sleeping. Though occasionally an alluring Dwarf named bothe-hasvidotr wanders close to Greorgory and watches him…

Even in the presence of the council, no Dwarf calls Greorgory by name though they will recognize his presence and remain quiet while he speaks. Greorgory does not seem to mind this mistreatment and in fact shows little concern for social graces or etiquette towards himself. Though he will show etiquette and grace even when he is not shown the same courtesy…

It remains to be seen if Greorgory is a powerful Dwarf within the council or just a puppet member. The council often listens to his objections and advice, though they often circumvent or ignore it. Perhaps the Dwarves know something about Greorgory that they are unwilling to share… As of yet, no one speaks of it…

Greorgory Parray

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