Goblin Shaman in Town of Adham


Home – Town of Adham
Race – Goblin
Age – 22
Height – 3’-2"
Alignment – Chaotic Evil
Description – This goblin carries mushrooms and various bones. He wears loose fitted wolf pelts and carries a single staff created by him, Goblin Giz’s Staff.

Level – (2 Shaman)
HP – 10
Ac – 10
Dr – 0 (Wolf Pelts)
For/Ref/Will – (2/-1/4)
Strength – 10 (0)
Dexterity – 8 (-1)
Constitution – 14 (2)
Inteligence – 10 (0)
Wisdom – 14 (2)
Charisma – 8 (-1)

Skills – His skill set revolves around sneaking around and divination. Though he is lacking in both skill sets.


This goblin has seen and researched many things… For example… The kobold waste project, the common uses for dung, and higher education for dung beetles… Yes, he completed many projects and is considered a scholar by many goblins in his community. Thusly when a question arises in the local tribes along the Edge Mountains he is one of the first (and only!) Goblins consulted in such matters.

He was conscripted into Zu Zu’s invasion force to help divine possible threats from outside attackers despite Giz telling Zu Zu he was an incompetent diviner and his talents lie in dung research.

Update – Day 24, Seed 1, Awe 1 – The shaman Giz was killed defending the temple in the Town of Adham after he was found performing despicable acts of evil by a group known as the Vanguard. Though it is just a rumor it is said the group cut him into small pieces and decicrated his corpse after witnessing the pure evil he unleashed within the temple. The goblins were forced on the defensive as sunlight showered the city once more. However, until Zu Zu is killed the town will be threatened.


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