Galindor Evermask

Male Elf Ruling Coucil of Adham. He is Adham's Alchemist.


Home – Town of Adham
Race – Elf/Human/Half Elf?
Age – ???
Height – 5’-8"
Alignment – Lawful Evil?

Galindor wears a black leather tunic underneath a velvet cloak which seems to draw attention away from his features. He appears to have a lighter skin tone with a friendly disposition towards those that enter his Inn the Warlock’s Purse. He wears an assortment of jewelry and seems to cater to fine wines and foods. He carries a single knife upon his person at all times, but it is very rarely seen and changes postion on his person regularly.

Level – (?)
HP – ?

Ac – ???
Dr – Masterworked Black Leather Armour(2)
For/Ref/Will – (7/10/15)
Strength – 10 (0)
Dexterity – 16 (3)
Constitution – 10 (0)
Inteligence – 22 (6)
Wisdom – 18 (4)
Charisma – 20 (5)

Skills – His skills seem to be based around arcana skills and charisma skills. He is a novice alchemist. He seems particularly effective at information gathering. He knows a great deal about Elven culture so many believe him to be an elf or half-elf.


Galindor is a pompous and arrogant individual with his goals in mind. Still, he is more than willing to help with any cause to garner favor and political savy with any group of power. He caters to those that can help his goals and although he is viewed as a selfish merchant he is often sought out for help in times of great distress. He has no allegiances and would probably sell you into slavery given the chance, but occasionally seems to be willing to help even if it would be detrimental to his own goals.

He is a known trader of illict goods, but few could prove it. Even so his goals and aims seem to correspond with the city’s well being so many individuals will not even “consider” charging him with a crime of any kind… Any that might consider it are “bought” off quickly by his shrewd negotiation skills.

Most people that trade with Galindor do so out of necessity because of his “Infamous” background, but many find that his deals are strangely very “fair” and often continue to do business with him after such trades… In other words, most that start trading with Galindor are often so “impressed” that the deal didn’t go arry they continue doing business afterwards.

Some people truly question if Gallindor is an “Evil” merchant at all, although many would say there is NO doubt. Still… His many actions don’t always have an immediate payout or even political or strategic gain. Most consider these to be smoke screens, but if they are then one questions why there are so many of these instances and what are his true goals…

He seems to have a vast assortment of information at his disposal and will use it against any that would threaten or bully their way to him. Those that have aroused his anger are rarely heard from for long… Except a plucky little gnome named Guinness who constantly thwarts and dismmembers Galindor’s plans. However, he has not been heard from for many months now and many fear he is dead… Killed by the goblins that attacked earlier in the year… Still his tower’s lights function and some believe they hear a voice from time to time calling out!

Whether Gallindor is a misunderstood merchant with a bad reputation or a dark sinister villian with a glimmer of sensibility none can deny the following… Gallindor is a shrewd diplomat with the wisdom and inteligence to match. He may not care who gets in the way or how he gets there, but if someone can lead the Town of Adham to recovery from its plight it will be Galindor.

Update – Day 1, Seed 5, Awe 1 – Galindor leaves the Warlock’s Purse and travels to the center of the town to confront Guinness as the city is being altered around him… Changed to a metal wonderworks of practicality rather than the stone architectural marvel that Galindor would have made it the Town of Adham choose to allow Guinness become the new magistrate of the town. However, as Gallindor reached the center of the town he spoke, “I will not live in a world ruled by Guinness!” Galindor then took his own blade from his cloak and struck himself down in the center of the town. Though the town mourned his loss, none mourned it more than Guinness who raced off with Gallindor’s body in hopes of saving him…

Since then Guinness has not been seen or heard from… He is assumed to be in his tower, but his doors remain locked and no one can verify his whereabouts… Despite this, his Mechano Chickens continue to work to rebuild the damaged town in Guinness’s image.

Galindor Evermask

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