Drarder Schol

Traveling Ranger


Home – ?
Race – Human
Age – ?
Height – 6’-0"
Alignment – ?
Description – He has red hair and narrow amber eyes. His clothing, signet ring, and poise indicate he is nobility. He wears a bandalier which is loaded with many pouches. He is quiet and keeps watch over Reder Scofflaw. If he speaks, it is a hushed and simple response of one or two words. He travels with his friend Reder Scofflaw.

Level – (?)
HP – ?
Ac – ?
Dr – None(0)
For/Ref/Will – (//??)
Strength – 14 (2)
Dexterity – 16 (3)
Constitution – 13 (1)
Inteligence – 11 (0)
Wisdom – 12 (1)
Charisma – 8 (-1)

Skills – His skills seem to be based hunting and survival. He appears well to have skills in animal handling as his bear “”/campaigns/the-golden-empire/characters/campi" class=“wiki-content-link”>Campi" has not eaten anyone in Hogni’s Inn the Broken Stone.


He is as mysterious as his friend Reder Scofflaw is. The only difference is at least Reder Scofflaw is willing to have a conversation of more than 4 words with you.

However, within any social situation he seems to watch Reder Scofflaw without pause.

Drarder and his pet black bear “Campi” are always in the companionship of his friend Reder Scofflaw Scofflaw. However, why Hogni allows the bear to stay in the Inn is anyone’s guess. When asked about the bear, Hogni responds, “Don’t ye bother it and it won’t bother ye!”

Drarder Schol

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