Commander of the Red Fists

Human? Male? Commander of the Red Fists


Home – ??
Race – Male? Human?
Age – ??
Height – ’-"
Alignment – Lawful?
Description – No physical description is avaialable for this individual! The distinctive outfit worn is a red cloak with red bandages draping over his armour and body. It also includes a battered red metallic mask which distorts the commander’s voice… The commander could be anyone, even his height seems to change from encounter to encounter.

CR – ??
Class – ??
HP – ??
Ac – ?
Dr – Depends(
For/Ref/Will – (?/?/?)
Strength – ??(?)
Dexterity – ??(?)
Constitution – ??(?)
Inteligence – ??(?)
Wisdom – ?? (?)
Charisma – ?? (?)

Skills – So many rumors exist for this enigmatic individual that nothing seems real… Besides a deep understanding of tactics and strategy, the commander’s other skills are unknown.


The commander of the red fists is known throughout the area. The non-aligned kingdoms ask his permission to pass through his territory. The Red Fists are capable warriors with at least 200 in their number and make an elite combat unit of mercanaries. Their company comprises mostly of Humans with a fair number of Elves.

The order will only allow those that survive a challenge against a goblinoid creature. This test requires a recruit to kill an armed goblin with their bare hands. Many recruits do not survive this trial, but the Red Fists will not press gang an unwilling member, though Red Fists will mock and jeer at them. (Conscripted slaves are often put to the sword if they refuse to fight however!)

Slaves conscripted within the Red Fists are treated as full members assuming they survive their initiation. These individualts must serve one full year within its ranks, but are “free” men and women if they survive. Many that are sucsessful often stay with the company as regulars and officers and are paid full commission from then on. By mandate of the commander, no one may “own” slaves while in service to the Red Fists and anyone found having slaves may face corporal punishment and must enlist any such slaves immediately!

Due to their cost, kingdoms rarely higher these mercenaries to fight open warfare, but are used to keep order or to put down a revolt. The slogan of the Red Fists is “If our fists aren’t bloody, we aren’t trying!” Red Fists will fight and die for ANY kingdom’s ideals and often reduce their prices for a kingdom with strong law enforcement and orderly peoples.

These mercanaries never work for goblinoids however, treating them as toys at best, training at worst… Orcs and Bugbears rarely want to battle them and consider them “serious” threats respecting their power and well-trained soldiers.

Despite this level of information about the Red Fists, their commander remains an enigma and those captured either know nothing or say nothing about him.

Commander of the Red Fists

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