Drarder Schol's Brown Bear Pet


Home – ?
Race – Bear
Age – 12
Height – 9’-0"
Alignment – Neutral
Description – The creature has brown hair and is very obediant. It seems to be very old and seems sluggish, but what it lacks in speed it makes up in strength and toughness. Inside the Broken Stone it rarely makes itself known and its pressence is often missed. It follows Drarder Schol around like a brother and many claim the creature grew up with him. However, only Drarder Schol knows the truth.

Level – (None)
HP – 51
Ac – 18
Dr – 2 Bear Hide
For/Ref/Will – (8/3/2)
Strength – 18 (4)
Dexterity – 9 (-1)
Constitution – 20 (5)
Inteligence – 9 (-1)
Wisdom – 6 (-2)
Charisma – 5 (-3)

Skills – Its skills seem to be based hunting and survival.


A powerful ally to Drarder Schol. The creature is one of the typical brown bears that inhabit the enchanted forest. They are powerful creatures, but have been hunted down by the Bugbears to the scant few that remain. They are now very rare indeed, indeed seeing one at all is a sight to behold these days. It is said larger cousins are found to the east in the Orc lands…

Kodiaks… These bears are revered as holy creatures to the orcs and killing one is often seen as a crime often punishable by death. The Orcs of the Rising Sands Tribe are a fearsome tribe living in relative peace with their neighbors. They spent a milenia of fighting for their land from a peril they will not speak of… Believing speaking of it make bring its return…


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