Ancis Eves

Project 99 Field Commander


Home – City of Geley
Race – Male Human
Age – 38
Height – 5’-8"
Alignment – Neutral

Description – Ancis has silver hair and bright grey eyes denotating a middle aged individual. He has a thick mustache and is often seen smoking a carved clay pipe. His typical clothing consists of a vale-victorian’s garb of the great school of Baltar Academy. He is often seen wielding an electrum short blade made from the same school he graduated from.

CR – 15
Class – War Mage
HP – 105
Ac – 22
Dr – 4 (Baltar Academy Robe)
For/Ref/Will – (5/6/10)
Strength – 12 (1)
Dexterity – 15 (2)
Constitution – 13 (1)
Inteligence – 23 (6)
Wisdom – 13 (1)
Charisma – 13 (1)

Skills – His skills seemed focused in evocation magicks, arcane studies, and technological practices. He is well trained and has varied skill sets even outside his studies!


Ancis Eves is the only known student to defeat an instructor during his training at the Baltar Academy using only magicks available to a War Mage. His victory spurned him on to become the Vale-Victorian of the school 6 years ago.

However, not much is known about the mage other than his home is the City of Geley and that he has said he would die to protect it and those that live there. However, his training at Baltar Academy was not without a few setbacks…

He was forced to retake his study on magical ice evocation as his development in this field seemed inadequate for the schools requirements. This is still somewhat a mystery to many of the professors and there only statement on the matter was “He didn’t apply himself!”

The War Mage often travels with a single companion, a large black crow which he has named Scrag. It appears this creature is his familiar and it obeys any commands Ancis gives it without question.

However, shortly after his graduation from the academy he completely disapeared into the world with his vast skills and ability. He is a dangerous opponent who completely focusses on his objectives at the expense of any morality as many other War Mages often do…

Ancis Eves

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