Aloden Kaiben

Moon Elf Female Red Fist Lietenant


Home – Order of the Silver Pearl(Elven Nation)
Race – Female Moon Elf
Age – ???
Height – 5’-1"
Alignment – Lawful Evil?
Description – She has long grey hair and purple eyes that burn with a powerful intensity. She has many scars from head to foot indicating torture. She constantly changes her weapons from anything to longsword and shield to crossbows and daggers. She favors lighter armours for mobility, but occasionally has been seen wearing chain mail. Her clothing is blackened leather and she bears the symbol of the “Red Fists” tattoo’d on her shoulder as well as on her armour when she wears it.

CR – ?
Class – Fighter
HP – ?
Ac – ???
Dr – Depends(?)
For/Ref/Will – (7/6/3)
Strength – 14 (2)
Dexterity – 18 (4)
Constitution – 14 (2)
Inteligence – 12 (1)
Wisdom – 8 (-1)
Charisma – 8 (-1)

Skills – Her skills seem to be based around fighting. She is a fairly knowledgeable tactician and is considered an athlete by piers. She is a locally known drinking champion!


From local lore she has been on the run for many years from an unknown enemy that not only captures her, but afterwards sets her loose to see how long she can evade the captures again… She adheres to a set of codes and rules which make sense on the field of battle, but have no place in a town. She believes to live by the sword is to die by the sword and almost always accepts a honorable challenge, though only one is said to have bested her this century, Commander of the Red Fists!)

Believing she was to be captured by her enemies once again she attempted to take her own life. However, it is rumored Commander of the Red Fists stopped her from killing herself and impressed with her fighting skills he/she commissioned her as a lietenant. Commander of the Red Fists now sends her out as his personal envoy and entrusts her to many tasks too perilous or difficult for other soldiers.

She fights with reckless abandon and never holds back. She is known to drink Gutshaker without flinching and her abilities to endure pain and nearly fatal injuries without noticing them is famous. She is a top notch combatant and is often underestimated in combat, but moreover has earned the trust of Commander of the Red Fists countless times in battle and negotiations.

Rumors of her persist she is betrothed to the commander, but no one will confirm it… Not even members of the Red fists. As they would not only face the anger of this Moon Elf, but also from a powerful humorless commander who would surely kill anyone besmirching Aloden’s name!

Aloden Kaiben

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