Adam Fuller

Vale Victorian War Mage from Baltar Academy


Home – Dragon Lands
Race – Gnome
Age – 82
Height – 3’-8"
Alignment – Neutral

A hyper and fun loving Gnome who just doesn’t know when to quit. He is inventive, adaptive, and a quick study. His intelligence is only sub-verted when panicked or caught off guard. This little gnome typically wears heavy cloaks instead of armour, but relishes wearing an assortment of jewelry. Despite his physical failings he is a capable caster and studious individual.

CR – 9
Class – 5 Mage/5 Warmage
HP – 18
Ac – 18
Dr – 4 (Magical Items)
For/Ref/Will – (3/8/13)
Strength – 9 (-1)
Dexterity – 15 (2)
Constitution – 5 (-3)
Intelligence – 27 (8)
Wisdom – 16 (3)
Charisma – 17 (3)


His skills seem to be based on Spellcraft, Arcane, Jewelry, and Concentration!

Follower Benefits

Spell Store – He counts as a item of spell store – 12 Levels.
Cast -Free Action – Up to 12 Levels per day as chosen by caster.
Follower – He withdraws after hero is “Bloodied”. Hero must rest at an “Safe” location to recover him when follower withdraws.


A personal friend of Petr Roy and a superb War Mage. He became a War Mage to cast bigger and more powerful spells and became fast friends with Petr Roy. Though they both shared common interests with regard to spells and a penchant for annihilating whatever came their way Petr Roy, Amy Davis, and Adam became very well known throughout Baltar Academy.

Though Amy Davis and Adam continued to work for the Baltar Academy after their graduation, they separated for their own purposes. Adam was killed investigating a secret project led by a mysterious individual named Content Not Found: eli. Project 99 as Amy describes is a project involving inter-dimensional research involving summoning or using weapons crafted within it to fight against an unseen enemy.

Amy’s investigation ended when she was captured attempting to infiltrate a Project 99 base and was subject to horrible testing and torture for scientific curiosity. Ultimately she was rescued by the Vanguard and assisted by a strange doctor known only as Content Not Found: lord-white.

Adam was a Vale-Victorian of the Baltar Academy and a powerful mage before he became a War Mage. Despite his aptitude with magic his physical conditioning was appalling. He often forgets to eat or drink and his body is very frail(Even for a Gnome!). Still, he is a wry and quick little gnome with a insatiable curiosity and desire to cast bigger and more powerful spells.

Adam is assumed dead after an explosion detonated in the room he was staying though NO body was found… Stranger still, the room was surprisingly undamaged by the attack which killed the powerful Vale-Victorian Warmage… The town’s guard has no theories to his death and without a body has been denied funds to investigate the matter further…

Adam Fuller

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