The Golden Empire

Thursday December 29th 2011

The heroes slumbered within the hallowed halls of the church of Pelor, but as they left to check on Guinness’s condition within his tower they were greeted by Galindor Evermask and a large group of men with hammers and shovels. The party greets him and asks him what brings him out of the [[Warlock’s Purse]]. He looked paler outside the Inn in the day light. He smiled and asks us,
Did you enjoy your stay, for it will be your last night in this church?

Augustus Sunborne’s turned towards the smiling visage of Galindor Evermask,
What do you mean our last night in the church?

Galindor Evermask looked on beyond the group towards the pious building towering over the city,
I have purchased THIS church from high marshal Content Not Found: sharlin-steward in the City of Geley and even though it cost me a “GOOD” amount, I find this temple distasteful so I am going to remove it from my city.

You cannot do that, Augustus Sunborne shouted.
I can and I will… Unless… Galindor’s voice trailed off as he returned to the Inn…

Many of the group thought his plan was to destroy upper part of the temple and leave the temple to Vecna intact, but Galindor Evermask seemed aware of the party’s idea and informed us he planned on dismantling both churches. Galindor Evermask knew the party would object to the destruction of the temple and offered Augustus Sunborne the church’s deed if the party assisted him with one of his problems. Augustus Sunborne agreed even though he believed helping Galindor Evermask was a mistake. Galindor Evermask looked westward and responded,

I will grant you one month to accomplish one of “my” tasks, after that… My masons will continue their work.

While the remainder of the party spoke with Galindor Evermask, Tyberious Wrex saw an opportunity to speak with Riffolk Scofflaw and Tzar Everwind without Galindor Evermask’s presence and left for the [[Warlock’s Purse]]. He entered the Inn to find Riffolk Scofflaw sitting at the bar drinking. Tyberious Wrex asked Riffolk Scofflaw why he was not with Galindor Evermask in town. Riffolk Scofflaw smiled said,
If Galindor Evermask were in trouble I’d know it and go to his side.

Tyberious Wrex then speaks to Tzar Everwind and asks if any of his brood would be able to assist us on our travels. Tzar Everwind stares quietly off towards the north and speaks to Tyberious Wrex,
None of my brood would be that willing to help you and that it might not be in you best interest to meet them!

The party met up with Tyberious Wrex and decided to go to Crater Lake and recover the ore for Galindor Evermask. The party bought some supplies and prepared for the twelve day journey to the lake. Chris Vlchek’s navigational skills saved two days of walking. Along the journey the party passed by the castle known as Castello Fire with red flags bearing the symbol of the Red Fists.

The party came to the lip of the crater where a sheet of ice has frozen over the surface. Several old sets of tracks from the top of the crater lead down to the ice where a large portion of ice had been removed. Chris Vlchek believed this may have been done to retrieve potable drinking water. Augustus Sunborne choose to enter the lake first, because Chris Vlchek believed the water was toxic. Augustus Sunborne striped off his armour while saying a prayer to Pelor to steel his body to the elements and he jumped into the water.

However, Augustus Sunborne felt his stamina being drained by the toxicity of the water. He dove into the water under the ice searching for the ore while the rest of the party looked around the lake looking trace amounts of ore. Chris Vlchek inspected the tracks, but found them to be too worn by wind and time to learn anything useful. Augustus Sunborne found a large chunk of the precious ore and returned to the surface, but weakened by the toxic waters. The party turned to leave, but while the party sought the ore no one was watching the ridge behind them.

Several men dressed in uniforms of the Red Fists looked down on them, one of the soldiers stepped forward, his uniform had more adornments and the soldier who wore it seemed more seasoned. He spoke,
Thank you for retrieving that chunk of ore, but if you want to leave here with your lives you might want to hand it over to us.

The party made several attempts to parley with the soldier, but he refused and stated,
The ore or your lives!

The party looked at one another and drew their weapons to do battle with the Red Fists. Chris Vlchek launched an arrow at them and the battle began. Lightning crackled from Petr Roy and arrows hailed from Chris Vlchek’s bow while blows were traded between Tyberious Wrex, Buptoz, and Augustus Sunborne. The enemy armed with swords fell quick, but their leader fought a viscous bought with Tyberious Wrex and managed to knock him out of the fight. However, the magical attacks from Petr Roy proved too much for the Red Fists and they were defeated. The party learned the Red Fists would not surrender even if it meant death. What kind of enemy are the Red Fists and what possible force drives them?

After salvaging the useable equipment off the fallen warriors, Buptoz dove into the water to take a second look. He returned to the surface with a smaller chunk of the meteorite ore and got out of the water without batting an eye (Not that an Orc would say something even if it were bad!). The party decided to return to Galindor Evermask to claim their reward. The journey took twelve days because they wanted to avoid further trouble. Arcades Rubik took some time to learn the basics behind gnomish speak and after a few days began speaking it fluently.

Upon returning to the Town of Adham, the party sought out Galindor Evermask in the [[Warlock’s Purse]]. The party entered the inn and Galindor Evermask seemed very happy (almost elated!) to see them. The party handed over the ore and he responded,
Marvolously done! Of course I have your rewards for completing my task!

He turned to Augustus Sunborne and offered a holy relic said to have made with the power of the sun inside (In hopes he would want the holy relic instead of the church!). However [[:augustus-sunborne] wanted the church of Pelor’s deed in hopes to return it to its former glory, to which Galindor Evermaskstated,
FINE! Take your church, as it will likely do you no good anyway, Heheh…

Galindor Evermask then turned to Adeamer Talos,
I have something for you that is very important, something that I feel belongs to you.

However, Adeamer Talos retorts,
My heart is set on the freedom of Mira Reed.

Galindor Evermask sighs and hands over the contract of her ownership while saying,
She was one of my best dancers, I suppose I will save this item for the next task you complete for me!

He took the package and placed it under his chair and looked to Chris Vlchek. He reached under his chair once again and revealed a different box (Maybe its magic?). The party took note of where he pulled the box from, but it seemed as if everything originated from the one spot under his chair (Could be magic).
This gift is for you for I feel you will benefit from it greatly!"

Chris Vlchek opens the box to find an Elven Bow with magical crafted arrows known as Elven Arrers. Galindor Evermask turns to Arcades Rubik, reaches under his chair, and pulls a third box from under his chair (Magic!?!). He tossed the small package to Arcades Rubik and said,
Here is a gift for you, it mimics your ability to capture magic, it is known as a Ring of Spell Thievery.

Galindor Evermask turned towards the paladin. Tyberious Wrex had asked for the Galindor Evermask to pay his slaves a “FAIR WAGE”, which of course a fair wage to a slave is “NOTHING”, but Galindor Evermask never wished to cheat anyone so he offered some knowledge of an assassin and a belt known as Belt of The Northern Wind.

Petr Roy was given the Khopesh of Baltar Academy that had been promised to him earlier which also came from beneath Galindor Evermask’s seat(Great magic!).

The final item for Buptoz appeared from beneath Galindor Evermask’s seat as well, but he had to exert himself to get the entire weapon from his chair(What the $# magic!). The was a massive bone axe known as an Orcish Axe of Grumish.

The party traded a gold bar for some healing potions from Galindor Evermask and the party went to see Lyne Trebuchet to unload some extra equipment we had salvaged. As always, she offered a fair price for the goods the party sold.

The repair work is slow, while the machine still repeated a simple phrase. Arcades Rubik now knew gnomish informed us Guinness was in need of lubricant to continue functioning. A special oil named Fizban’s best, which Arcades Rubik drank the last time the party roamed the tower. He asked the machine if there is more of this lubricant in the tower and it informed the party it was located on the top floor with the Content Not Found: mechano-sword-spider.

To what dangers must the party face to save Guinness and can he help the town where Galindor cannot? Many challenges await the heroes as time runs out, will the heroes thwart the evils that run rampant or will the dark desires of the few aspire to their nefarious ends? Time will tell…



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