The Golden Empire

Saturday October 29th, 2011

After some time learning of the horrible fire that decimated the poor the Town of Westerly Winds, the heroes continued their search for a solution to the horror that plagued it. However, all the heroes felt that time was against them as the “Full Moon” draws near…

Upon awakening, the party visitted The Broken Stone to ask about the apparition of the Elven woman that appeared to Augustus Sunborne during the night. They also informed him that they were interested in finding a silver weapon, and asked if he knew a place where a silver weapon could be found. However, he balked at the mention of the apparition, but then suggested Pharlip Altet may know something about the home he previously lived in. He also suggested searching the ruins of the church to the northeast for a silver weapon.

Everyone except Adeamer Talos went to the north-east side of the city into the undercroft of the ruined chapel, while Adeamer Talos sought out the blacksmith’s workshop. Tyberious Wrex sensed some evil from the south through the iron door Konda Hatamoto could not unlock on our first visit. Konda Hatamoto looked through the keyhole and saw a figure standing motionless staring at the door at the far end of the hallway. The haggard person(creature?) was there the last time but the room seemed to look different somehow. Remembering from last time, Konda Hatamoto remembered the door beyond the figure was closed, but now was slightly ajar indicating someone had recently used the door.

Konda Hatamoto then opened the door to reveal the weathered person was indeed an undead zombie standing in the corridor. Augustus Sunborne screamed a holy litany at the disfigured creature while holding his holy symbol and it exploded. Konda Hatamoto silently opened the door despite the rust at the end of the corridor, however the door only opened one third the way because it had suffered several magical damaging attacks.

This room was a lower chamber shrine and contained an altar and tattered tapestries. One skeletal creature stood at the shrine’s alter wearing holy vestiges and carrying a large staff that gradually increased in diameter from one end to the other and it looked to be made of a dull black metal(Iron?). There were three other skeletal creatures also wearing garb in the pews below the alter indicating they were perhaps servants to the priest. Dry blood stained the walls and the room had a faint odor of death and lavender incense, an interesting combination.

The skeletons and their priest fought the party wielding spells and their bare hands. They injured Tyberious Wrex badly during the fighting using dark energy supplied by the priest. The priest was defeated by the combined efforts of the Petr Roy, Konda Hatamoto, and Augustus Sunborne while Tyberious Wrex fought all the servants.

Upon the demise of the last skeleton, the entire room dimmed as if candles had just been blown out. The party found 50 silver, three tiny vials of water with a dark tint, a silver chalice, and the staff. After careful examination, it was noticed the staff was made of tarnished silver. Those that held the staff also felt safer with it in hand indicating a possible protective quality. Upon further inspection of the altar the party found a weird set of markings and indentations in the cement. A keyhole perhaps?

The party placed the larger end of the staff into the markings and turn it to the left. A sliding door opened into another passage way and we descend into a larger room. There was a doorway on the east side of the room and a vast assortment of treasure. We found a solid gold statue of a cloaked individual who had a staff outstretched. It is holding something in its hand but the statue needed to be cleaned to reveal what exactly it was. He also seems to be covering one of his eyes and on the bottom of the statue, there is an engraving of a bird(A raven perhaps?).

The solid iron door is barred from our side, clearly meant to keep others out. The party unbarred the door and entered through the door and into the small corridor. Thrity feet ahead there has been a cave in preventing further exploration. However, outstreched from the rubble, a hand could be seen reaching out clasping onto some old decayed parchment. Augustus Sunborne entered the corridor first and stepped onto a loose stone triggering a spear trap lodging a spear into his chest presenting a minor challenge. With the spear piercing his armor and protruding out of him, the group devises a plan to melt the spear tip and safely remove the shaft of the weapon. This plan unfortunately destroyed the well made spear tip in the process unfortunately.

The hand that grasps the withered parchment wears a signet ring. Konda Hatamoto carefully grabbed the parchement, but it started to disentegrate as it was being read. It was a letter of thanks to Mayor Strifewind from The Raven, for ridding the area of paladins. The scroll is so old and in poor condition that it disentigrated before it could even be read fully. Perhaps if the party had used some magic on it first! As the party departed from the undercroft they found the silver staff could not be removed from the engravings without the high probability of setting off a trap. Konda Hatamoto decided to ignore the trap and the party choose to leave the staff and destroy the room and it’s evil altar (Loosing their chance to claim a silver weapon for the battle ahead).

Reuniting with Adeamer Talos, he cleaned the statue and discerned the objects in its hand. The statue is grasping an eye and the party returned to our home to rest for the evening. There are wolf howls in the distance while the party slept. In the morning, Augustus Sunborne askeed Hogni where he might find a rope and a saw. Hogni suggests that he pay Holme Acrat a visit for such items. Tyberious Wrex questions Hogni about the signet ring that was found in the ruins, but Hogni becomes clearly agitated and scared. Hogni acts very suspicious and defensive at its pressence and the mention of Mayor Strifewind and attmepts to leave. Tyberious Wrex attmepts to pressure Hogni without threating him and unfortunately fails to intimidate the “clearly” frightened dwarf.

Augustus Sunborne visits with Holme Acrat at his workplace on the outskirts of town, he finds him working on a special tanning project, a special kind of hide. It seems unusually thick, with significant mineral deposit and seems to have a red color. He says he was lucky to survive an encounter with the “Behomoth”. He tells a story of how he saw it four days ago to the south of the village and that for some reason it saw him but didn’t kill him. It just dropped a carcass on him and travelled south again(Perhaps to hunt!).

After Augustus Sunborne recieved his tools, the party all traveled to Pharlip Altet‘s estate to question him about our findings in the ruins as well as the music box that was given to Augustus Sunborne by the apparition. He reveals that the elven ghost Augustus Sunborne saw was the his wife, and the music box was her’s. He tells us how his wife played the music box for he and his daughter clarissa.

This story created a hole in Pharlip Altet‘s earlier story regarding how his wife was killed. The party pursed this suspicion as Pharlip Altet had explained his wife had never seen clarissa alive. After some pressuring from the party, Pharlip Altet then revealed to his shame that it was he who killed his wife, the first time he transformed. This act was how he had lost his status as a paladin and his faith in himself. However, the party also learned from Pharlip Altet the signet ring belonged to the mayor of the city – who’s family name was Strifewind.

Pharlip Altet also shared with us the correspondance between Mayor Strifewind and Lord Vale Starwind(The Grand High Chancellor of the pelor order). Mayor Strifewind was asking Lord Vale Starwind for help by sending Paladins. Pharlip Altet also informed us that the statue we found is a idol to Vecna. He explained that Vecna was a powerful foe to Pelor and its followers and that Vecna and Pelor are often at war with one another. Pelor brings truth and light, while Vecna shrouds secrets in the darkness.

However, as the party plans it’s next move, other forces watch eagerly for the heroes in order to see if the planned disaster will end the town of the Town of Westerly Winds once and for all. But questions still remain… Who would want the town destroyed and why? What is Galindor Evermask’s interest in this small town? Why does he hate paladins and is his plan as insidious as many of the party believe it is? What is the connection between Castello Assosi and the Red Fists?

And as the full moon rises what evil will rise with it and can the heroes stop it?!

Evil rises with the moon…



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