The Golden Empire

Saturday May 19th, 2012

The Vanguard had traveled to the city of magic, the City of Arcanna. After visiting Lyne Trebuchet the party went to see the High Chancellor of the city, Phonato-Theusige. The party was turned away from Phonato-Theusige‘s tower, but the soldiers ushered them to Phonato’s mansion. The party watched in awe as the mansion’s interior floated… Chairs, desks, and even his people floated, walking on ground that could not be seen. Magical devices float through the air and despite the levels of magical energy and wonder… A well dressed young woman looks at the party and utters in a demanding voice, “Hello, this is the Phonato residence, please have a seat and Phonato will be with you shortly.

The great conjurer informed the party about his tower which had fallen to a dangerous creature known as a chimera. He warned the group, “Beware chimera are vicious and intelligent. This one is no exception and it likes my tower. I originally had planned to control the creature, but it has proven less than compliant with my demands… Deal with this creature and I will reward you well for your efforts.

Phonato-Theusige turned away, “Oh and one more thing, below this city lies a crypt with equal parts evil and treasure… I wouldn’t tell you to wander its labyrinth, but it couldn’t hurt.Tyberious Wrex found a strange Draconian named Lilalac Black. She was a black venom type of draconian with strange fluorescent markings stretching up and down her lithe body. She has a voracious appetite for most men and even the paladin Tyberious Wrex was not immune to her charms(Mwhahahha…). When Tyberious Wrex awoke the next morning(Sore…Hahahahaha!) she had already left. Tyberious Wrex looked about her room(Like any normal guy would!) to get a better sense of his new love and discovered a small chest filled with strange vials filled with an orange liquid and a sacrificial dagger with Tiamat markings.

Tyberious Wrex also noticed Lilalac Black possessed large amounts of clothing. He commissioned a tailor to make a dress with a lavender inlay. However, on his way to give the dress to Lilalac Black, Tyberious Wrex was ambushed in an ally. He vanquished two sets of attackers, before two cloaked figures approached from opposites sites of the ally. Lilalac Black and a server girl named Hana both told Tyberious Wrex the other planned to kill him. He charged Hana despite knowing Lilalac Black was most likely an assassin. From the corner of his eye he saw Lilalac Black raise a crossbow from her cloak and fire a bolt… Tyberious Wrex felt time slow down as the bolt traveled towards him… “Was I wrong?” The bolt wisked by his arm and hit Hana in the chest. Lilalac Black looked at Tyberious Wrex and said, “Finish her, there is no mercy for assassins!Tyberious Wrex looked at the wounded assassin and without a word struck her through the heart…

Petr Roy traveled to Baltar Academy to visit his old teachers, but found some things had changed. His elemental teacher [[:mr.-elli]] was no longer teaching at the school and furthermore no one even remembered him. The academy’s records, class schedules, and even photos had been changed from what Petr Roy remembered. Petr Roy also learned his father, calon-roy was one of the students to graduate as a vale-Victorian.

The Vanguard descended into the crypts beneath the city on Phonato-Theusige’s word grand treasures existed below the city. The entire crypt seemed dedicated to Pelor as the first room bore his emblem beneath a sarcophagus. A group of skeletons attacked the group when they opened the sarcophagus and released a powerful wraith. After putting those souls to peace, the party traveled to the next room to find a similar situation and enemies(Something felt amiss though no one said anything!). Searching through the crypt the heroes found many items of power including a variety of small magical items with little power… But if they were to delve deeper…

Darkness and deceit run deeper as the heroes immerse themselves into the political intrigue. The events at Baltar Academy and the deceptive actions by Lilalac Black are only the beginning. But for each deception a question must be asked… Why? The heroes looked on through the stained glass window of truth and saw the world was jaded against them…



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