The Golden Empire

Saturday March 3rd, 2012

The ordeal at Falkens Crest left the a party crest fallen. The black Glass Wall spoke words to the questions we spat at it, but were they all lies? Augustus Sunborne was most sullen as the aged old man Tzar Everwind was forced to battle his own blood, Maximes in a duel to the death. Tzar Everwind’s final request to rest with his beloved Xaros would die with the old dragon’s final breath as Maximes towered over Tzar Everwind’s broken body never knowing the truth about his father.

Though the party returned to the Town of Xaros they spent the next few days in reclusion to question their beliefs and the words the Glass Wall spoke. The wall spoke of a different empire… The Empirical Empire, but was this just a different name for the Golden Empire , a deception from the Glass Wall, or something else entirely.

Arcades Rubik designed and built his first creation. It was a rusty chicken creature called a Mechano Chicken. Tyberious Wrex departed to talk to the captain of the guard within the Town of Xaros. Content Not Found: jobe-crank who is the captain of the guard was a fat lazy man with no intention of performing his duty and Tyberious Wrex seemed determined to help the town rebuild its defenses. Tyberious Wrex took interest in the bone blade above the captain’s head, but it seemed old and fragile and hadn’t been moved in years.

Buptoz bought a new set of studded leather to replace the set that was destroyed and a fine cloak that resized itself to Buptoz’s size. Buptoz also learned the local tailor named Content Not Found: aliaj-palve_ in town was in need of _Content Not Found: elven-cotton. The elven nation of the Order of the Shining Star is said to have great deal of this cotton available, but no caravan has come from there in a great while. Petr Roy gave Augustus Sunborne the vile book of Vecna the party found which he brought to the center of the Town of Xaros and burned it for all to see. However, some wondered if destroying the knowledge within the book only furthered the aims of great “Keeper of Secrets” Vecna.

Content Not Found: jobe-crank_ informed Tyberious Wrex of a guard Content Not Found: gary_, who seemed to know about the local bandits. Content Not Found: gary_ asked the party to liberate some stolen horses and offered half their value as a reward should the party free any. _Content Not Found: gary also wanted the party to retrieve a special dagger from their leader. Tyberious Wrex discerned Content Not Found: gary’s alignment and found he was not only evil, but his aura flickered around him like a flame. Did that mean he was an evil monster or perhaps a victim of some sort of curse?

The party traveled west to the location marked on Content Not Found: gary‘s where the small palisade. Buptoz charged into the camp slaying a half-dozen bandits while Chris Vlchek unleashed a hail of arrows against the bandits who were out ranged by Chris Vlchek’s Elven Bow. With the last of the bandits defeated, the party pressed on to the entrance of the palisade’s keep to find their leader. The wood structure seemed eerie and quiet as leaves rustled over the dead bandits…

A shadowed silhouette appeared on the second floor balcony looking down at the heroes, “Hello heroes, I have been told of your deeds and I would like to offer you a chance to serve a greater purpose here in Xaros!”

The party responded, “What and why should we help a bandit like you?!”

Shadowed Silhoutte, “I am prepared to offer you 1,000 gold to slay vile leadership here. What sayst thou? Would you like to serve the Order of the Shadow Veil? Or would you prefer to battle me here?”

The party jeered at the bandit lord, “We will never serve your kind, and you are a monster for asking us to murder Adeamer’s mother.”

Shadowed Silhoutte, “Then enter my abode and may you find the death you are searching for.”

The heroes charged into the wood keep and entered the main entryway from which there were three doors. The party burst into the first door revealing a store room filled with goods from the Town of Adham. The east door was a dormitory with four bunk beds. The third archway lead upstairs into a room with eight granite stone statues in various depictions and 4 flickering braziers.

Chris Vlchek shot an arrow into one of the statue and noticed it did not sound like a metal arrow tip on stone. These statues began to move sharp and staggered movements and they disappeared into the shadows in the room. To limit the shadows effects in the room, Petr Roy used his magic and extinguished some of the braziers.

The party then entered combat with these rogues, but they struck at our backs while a few held our attention. After the all the braziers had been extinguished and a stable light source was provided the battle turned to the Vanguard‘s favor. With eight granite thieves dead the party members staggered catching their breath, but as they looked about the bandit’s leader was nowhere to be seen.

The bandits stolen treasures filled the only adjacent room, but as the heroes went to claim it, a trip wire was sprung and the trap opened several alcoves that began pouring burning Greek fire throughout the keep. Most of the party greedily sought through the treasure, but ended badly burned in the flames. Petr Roy and Arcades Rubik were injured the most during the encounter and would spend the next week or two recovering.

But what is the heroes’ next move? Who or what is the organization called the Order of the Shadow Veil and what is their interest in this small mountain town? A shadow looms over the Town of Xaros, but will its vile evil shroud the entire land in darkness?



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