The Golden Empire

Saturday January 28th, 2012

The group chooses to spend a few days within the Town of Adham and decided to split up and go about their own ways for the day. Arcades Rubik went to meet with Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow_ to bring him all the ingredients to make Fizban’s best. _Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow told him that it will take a day to make and to come back tomorrow. Petr Roy went to his room at the inn to read the book he obtained from the temple of Vecna while Adeamer Talos furthered his skills in his blacksmithing. Buptoz, Tyberious Wrex, and Chris Vlchek continued to try to impress Riffolk Scofflaw by completing his drinking challenge. Their attempts are in vain as they failed the challenge once again. Augustus Sunborne choose to continue to help the poor with his money and time. The people within the town are grateful and thank him for his kindness.

Arcades Rubik retrieved the completed batch of Fizban’s best and brought it to Guinness’s tower. The machines administer the liquid to the inanimate Gnome and he jumps up and begins speaking so fast it almost seams like gibberish. However, in between breathes the heroes are able to ask a few questions. Guinness. The party asked what happened to him and how he became damaged. Guinness tells them that he was working on a new device that used meteoric iron for power. He informed the party the machine malfunctioned and exploded which caused all the damage and incapacitated him. He mentioned he could not remember the last time something hurt him.
The party also asked about his origins. He described his “kind” was created more than 4,000 years ago as a group that was put together to save the world. He goes on to describe that about 1,000 years ago, after the fourth cataclysm, something damaged the “planetary network”, which was described as a network that connected all of his kind to a central information center and each other. The Vanguard asked him if they could help him restore this network but Guinness said it would require a special means of transportation the party was incapable of at this time. The Vanguard ask Guinness about others like him and if they would have met or know any of them. Guinness says there is one other of his kind in the town but he refuses to tell them who it is. Instead he starts to describe that there are different types of personalities that were created. He labels them ABCD personalities.

A – Aggressive, Energetic, and “Go-Getters”.
B – Passive Aggressive, Helpers, and “Caring Souls”
C – Thinkers, mentalists, and “Logical beings”.
D – Transients, Listeners, “Wishy-Washy Idealists”

Guinness described himself as an “A-C” personality. The conversation continues on for a couple more minutes with Guinness describing the Content Not Found: voltage-tuner and he also speaks of Galindor Evermask. He reveals the fact he and Galindor Evermask have always been able to communicate even while separated. Augustus Sunborne, when hearing about Galindor Evermask, informs Guinness of the towns recent disrepair and that Galindor Evermask was trying to rebuild and revive it to its old glory. Guinness informs the Vanguard he will go see Galindor Evermask and help him with the repairs on the town. He moves so fast most of the party doesn’t see him leave!

The Vanguard returned to the [[Warlock’s Purse]] to speak with Galindor Evermask about Guinness and the maybe shed some light on the link between them. On the way, the party noticed hundreds of Mechano Chickens repairing the town. However, the party noticed none of the mechanical devices around the Warlocks Purse. The party saw Galindor Evermask sitting with a tired and sad look upon his face. The Vanguard walked over and talks to him to see what’s wrong. He informs the party they will not be happy with allowing guinness’s plan to succeed but they seem more interested in getting him to reveal information about his relationship to guinness and this Planetary Network he was talking about. Galindor Evermask is uninterested in their questions and seems unwilling to continue speaking about this matter.

The party senses his discomfort and remembers they still need to go back to the Westerly Winds and help Hogni with his problem with the Red Fists. They change the subject and ask him questions about the Castello Assossi and the Red Fists interests in the land. Galindor Evermask confirms they already know about the land and its crops. Tyberious Wrex questions Galindor Evermask about Pharlip Altet and his wife and learns very little they didn’t know already. Before they depart to help Hogni they ask Galindor Evermask if he has received the deed for the Castello Assossi they gave him months back. He informs them he does and he hands it over to the party readily.

Before leaving town, Tyberious Wrex, Buptoz and Chris Vlchek attempt the drinking contest again, but fail once again. Adeamer Talos decides to go and improve his blacksmith talent and work at the local blacksmith. While there he notices there is a beautiful knife with a green glow sitting behind the counter. The smith tells Adeamer Talos that this is a custom knife for Galindor Evermask that he requested to be made for him. It has a coating of meteoric iron on it. Adeamer Talos takes note of this and realizes he must tell the group what he has seen. The heroes decide that it will be best to inform Guinness of this after they return from dealing with the red-fists.

The Vanguard leaves towards the Town of Westerly Winds where Aloden Kaiben and three soldiers sit awaiting the party. Adeamer Talos feels something is wrong and informs the group that this feels like a trap (It’s a Trap!!). The party strolled over to table where Hogni sat tied and gagged while Aloden Kaiben folded her hands and began to discuss terms of the deed’s surrender. The party begrudgingly agreed to yield the deed in exchange for the release of Hogni and 1100 GP. After the exchange, Aloden Kaiben whistled and a large unit of Red Fists appeared from their positions and dispersed leaving the heroes. The party released Hogni and he thanked the Vanguard for their help. With their business in the area over the party returned to the Town of Adham.

However, as the heroes reached the town they noticed it had changed! The town was reinforced with sheets of rusting metal providing shelter to everyone. Stone buildings that were nearly destroyed during the goblin attacks were now solid metal structures. Although they were not nearly as appealing as they once were, these buildings were functional once more. The Mechano Chickens were everywhere replacing damaged structures with the new metals while Guinness was nowhere be found. Tyberious Wrex decided to go to Lyne Trebuchet and find out what has been happening. However, when he arrived at the barracks there is a caravan of wagons outside the barracks loading to leave the city. Tyberious Wrex talks to Lyne Trebuchet and finds out that she is leaving the town as it has changed from her home to refuge camp. She stated she is going back to her home which is the City of Geley even though she feels that she will not be welcomed there. Tyberious Wrex finds the group and informs them of what is going on and they set out to find Guinness.

However, Augustus Sunborne ,Buptoz and Arcades Rubik find Guinness running around helping construction work and talk to him about the renovations going on and also to inform him of the knife Galindor Evermask has in his possession. He refused to believe that his best friend Galindor Evermask would ever harm him and that Galindor Evermask actually proves his friendship by sending gifts, granted the last one exploded before he could open it but it’s the thought that counts. He informed them that he has talked to Galindor Evermask and that things between them are just like old times. He also tells them that construction is moving along nicely and he is very busy. Augustus Sunborne makes mention that his temple in town could use some repair. Guinness is more than happy to help and informs Augustus Sunborne that he will gladly tear down the temple and build a new one for him. Guinness signals over to some Mechano Chickens and tells them to begin the project. Augustus Sunborne cries out and begins to run back to his temple to save it from destruction. When he reaches the temple the constructs were already busy replacing it with sheets of metal. Augustus Sunborne destroys several of them but stops to see there are hundreds… Realizing this he rejoins the rest of the group in hopes to find another way of saving his temple.

The group decides they need to find Guinness and stop him before the town was completely altered. The party finds Guinness and they try to convince him to stop because he is destroying the beauty and warmth of the town. However, the party fails to make Guinness comprehend he says he MUST continue to repair and provide homes for the people of the Town of Adham. The party then asks Galindor Evermask for his advice. He offers the group a set of options and reveals his familiar raven to the group. Galindor Evermask allows the group its services while they act in Galindor Evermask’s interest. The debate in the party rages on about the options until they come to the conclusion that they should let the situation play out and hope it can be salvaged. The party reluctantly went about their business and waited for the consequences of their actions. The days go by and they watch as the face of the city changes. Augustus Sunborne tries his best to salvage everything he can from his temple, while the rest spend their days in the Warlocks Purse. During the week Tyberious Wrex and Buptoz finally won the drinking contest that was presented to them and became students to Riffolk Scofflaw.

As the month ended, Galindor Evermask is emerged from his inn with Riffolk Scofflaw at his side. He walked to the center of the metal city and did not recognize his surroundings. He confronts Guinness in the middle of town and says a few inaudible words to him. Galindor Evermask unsheathes his new knife covered in meteoric iron, that Adeamer Talos had seen earlier, raises it above his head and stabs himself (To the surprise of many!). No one understands or can believe what happened. Guinness begins to sob and runs off with Galindor Evermask’s body in hopes he can help him. Riffolk Scofflaw lowers his head and begins to walk back to the [[Warlock’s Purse]]. The party starts to head back as well when out of nowhere Galindor Evermask’s raven appears and drops an envelope on the floor and seems to disintegrate into nothingness as it fly’s away. Petr Roy opens it carefully and begins to read:

Vanguard, it was my pleasure to meet you. Though I cannot help you directly, my raven may be able to help you. Best of luck heroes and may the wind be at your back!

Signed Galindor Evermask
The Raven

Distraught by the death of Galindor Evermask and the reveal of him being “The Raven” The group decided to go to the inn.

Petr Roy gets high with Mira Reed and spends the night with her. After a day of sadness they decide to seek the aid of the mountain guide and head to the Town of Xaros. They inform Tzar Everwind and begin their journey and ask if he would like to join them. He agrees and they set out leaving the Town of Adham.

The party arrived at the city to see several caravans sitting just outside of town. It appeared these caravans had been attacked (or sabotaged!) and needed repairs in order to continue on their trade routes. The party went to the [[Sage’s Cask]] and get comfortable. The party learned of the bandit issues on the outskirts of the town and some goblin attacks as well. Adeamer Talos gets recognized by the barkeep and strikes up a good conversation about his past. The party then rested at the Inn and made plans for the following day.
With Galindor Evermask gone what will the future of the Town of Adham be and is Guinness a good enough leader to manage all the demands of the city on his own? Time will tell, but is time on the heroes side?



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